The Fearful Heart – Cherry Christensen

the fearful heart

The book was purchased by me. The author requested reviews, I offered to do so. The opinion is 100% my own.


The heart must be protected at all costs… but will Cassidy be able to afford the price? Cassidy has distanced herself from childhood friend, Tristan. She’s moved on from their days of best friend-hood and is attending college. And dating one of the most eligible males on campus. Life couldn’t be better. Really. Tristan has devoted himself to Cassidy since they were children together. But no matter what he did, she’s never treated him like more than her best friend. He knows they can have something deeper. If only he can find the key to unlocking her fearful heart.

My Thoughts

Cassidy has a crazy roommate named Billie, a rival and bully across the hall named Ava, and a best friend named Tristan. She’s always been close to Tristan. He’s been there for her since their childhood, and she’s unwilling to risk their friendship and suggest that they go further. She’d rather have him as a friend than not at all. Then one stormy morning she meets Keefe. She starts a relationship with him, even though Tristan is constantly popping in and out and causing her emotions to go crazy. Ava is obviously trying to get Keefe’s attention as is half of the female population of her school. And why not, he’s handsome and a doctor in training and on top of that, he’s very romantic and sweet. Strange things start to happen at the dorms when things start coming up missing and there’s a visit with a ghost. It all comes to a head when Cassidy confronts….yeah..I won’t tell. Can’t give the story away. I will say this, for so long I couldn’t see the problem with Keefe. I was really confused why the blurb went on about Tristan. Though there was a sizzle between them, there was never any sort of interaction, though he tried to initiate it several times. I will tell you that I felt downright bad for him a few times. He kept hanging on and she kept shooting him down. Then there is the Keefe business. And he WAS such a GREAT guy. I was kind of rooting for him, to be honest. But then as the story went on, you realize that not everything is as it seemed with half the characters of the story. It all comes to a head and then the proverbial poo hits the fan. But it resolves itself beautifully. And you realize in the end that Tristan really and truly was the most amazing man for Cassidy.

Ms. Christensen’s debut novel is sweet and full of twists and turns. I will admit that I had NO clue who the thief was until Cassidy did. I was positively FLOORED! Just sayin’. And Abby was creepy. As was the janitor….I still don’t buy that he wasn’t a ghost himself. The story is well written, and kept me interested. It took me just the afternoon to read it, so it was a fairly quick and easy read. The book is clean. Absolutely. I wouldn’t have a problem with older teen girls reading it because there’s nothing untoward in the book. Faith plays a role in this book as well. So if that turns you off, you might want to forgo it. OR if it is something you’re looking for when you read a romance, THIS very well could be a good read for you. It doesn’t push the agenda, but it definitely embraces it. Would I suggest this? Yes, I’d suggest this to anyone looking for a sweet Christian romance with a little suspense and mystery thrown in. (BTW I really like Billie, she doesn’t take any guff!)

About the Author

Cherry Christensen has a degree in psychology from Aquinas College and lives in Michigan with her husband and three cats. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and running 5k races with her friends. The Fearful Heart is her debut novel.

In addition to writing, Cherry has been working on crossing things off her bucket list. Some of the things she’s crossed off the list include: traveling overseas for the first time, parasailing, kayaking, and dolphin watching.

Cherry also enjoys watching football, but her husband is not a fan of the game! He is, however, an author. Both are members of their hometown’s local writers’ group. The couple intends to write a mystery series together someday.


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