Unstrung – Kendra C. Highley

unstrung kendra highley

I received this book for review. The opinion is 100% my own.


Lexa Pate, seventeen-year-old thief extraordinaire, has burned a bridge or two in her life. You don’t make a career out of stealing other people’s property without making enemies.

When a risky job goes from bad to worse, Lexa and her adopted family find themselves on Precipice Corporation’s hit list because they’ve accidentally stolen the wrong thing–plans for a new model of genetically engineered super humans. Now every bounty hunter, cop on the take, and snitch in the city is after them.

Lexa’s world crumbles around her as she fights to keep her family safe even as someone strolls out of her forgotten past. Quinn claims to know who Lexa really is, but can she trust a stranger she met while robbing his boss? More importantly, does she really want to know what Quinn has to tell her? Based on the fairy tale Pinocchio, UNSTRUNG takes you into a near future world where the lines between fake and real are blurred, all that’s pristine isn’t always innocent, and being a criminal isn’t always wrong.

My Thoughts

The book started a little slowly for me. It could have just been me, I had been having a couple of rough days. But it soon picked up and then I couldn’t put it down. This is a story of a cat-burglar named Lexa. It’s set in a dystopian future, where everything is composed of a city-state type of government. Lexa doesn’t like the current regime that puts out androids to take the place of many humans in the work force. She was sent in to steal a particular set of plans only to find out that the chips were switched and she was given plans for a much more advanced android. This is the catalyst for all sorts of situations that she finds herself in. In one of them, she meets an android, so human like that if HE didn’t tell her, she probably wouldn’t have figured it out. His name is Quinn and he knows her, whereas she has no recollection of him.

I liked Lexa’s character. I liked Quinn’s and Jole’s character too. Her relationships with both men seemed very real and genuine. There were a few moments of surprise for me. I won’t mention them here because I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone else wanting to read the book. I will say that I’m curious to see where the rest of the series takes me. So, I’ll definitely be looking forward to the proposed Novella that is supposed to be coming soon, and the sequel that’s due out summer of next year. (According to the author’s blog, she’s dealing with some personal issues with her health right now, so of course her writing takes a back seat. This blogger just prays for a speedy recovery and that all things are minor and she’s in good health from here on out.)

Ms. Highley created a wonderful world where the lines are blurred about what’s organic and what isn’t. She’s written a better dystopian YA/NA book than several of the more popular series out there. It is well put together and well thought out. I can’t wait to see what happens to Mark, Turpin, Quinn, Jole, Lexa, and the rest of them.

About the Author

Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to four self-important cats. This, according to the cats, is her most crucial job. She believes chocolate is a basic human right, running a 10k is harder than it sounds, and that everyone should learn to drive a stick-shift. She loves monsters, vacations, baking and listening to bad electronica.


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