Shadow’s Awakening – Molle McGregor

shadow's awakening

The book can be purchased here. This copy was given to me by the author for an honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% mine. You can see my review of the prequel here.


To protect her, he let her go. Now he’ll risk everything he believes in to get her back.

Hannah Green wants her life back. In three years she’s gone from promising graduate student to patient in a mental hospital. Now she’s being held prisoner by a terrifying group of men who believe she has a mysterious psychic power. She wants to think they’re wrong, but something inside her has changed. If only she could use her power to set herself free.

Conner’s entire life he’s played by the rules. He’s a soldier. A leader. He knows better than anyone that contact with the Shadows is forbidden. So when a midnight phone call demands he rescue one from a nest of demons, he has no intention of following through. Until he sets eyes on Hannah. Brave, beautiful and determined to survive. Conner can’t walk away.

When you’ve worked so hard to make the right choices, temptation can be a kind of torture. Conner knows he should turn Hannah over to the Shadows. Hannah wants to be grateful for her rescue and let Conner go. But when love and desire bind two strangers together, they have to choose between what they think is right and what they know they need.

My Thoughts

In this story, we get more interaction with Zach and we meet his cousin Kate. Kate is a unique individual, much like her cousin, but in a completely different manner. Zach this time gets in touch with a Warder named Conner. Conner is the poster boy for the good soldier. Always does as he’s told, always does the right thing, and law is always right. Which is in complete opposition with his best friend who always accomplishes the job, but not always by the most legal means possible. Zach wanted Conner to save an untrained Shadow who was being held captive and tortured by a nest of Vorati. Conner enlists the help of his best friend, Kiernan. Hannah has been prisoner for 6 or so months. She’s desperate and she’s willing to die to escape. She can Conner meet and things take off from there. Truly, not going to go any further than this because it does give away too much of the story.

Again, Ms. McGregor immerses us in this world of demonic possession and magic. She doesn’t really tie in much from the prequel. The prequel just sets the stage for what we’re dealing with. It also gives you two more mature characters who are very comfortable in their positions. To be honest, I thought there would be more of a mention of Gabe and Celeste from Shadow’s Passion, but other than a brief mention of Gabe and of Blake, there’s not much about that book mentioned. This book doesn’t disappoint, and there is a metric ton of plot movement in this story. We even get a glimpse into the Vorati world. Trust me, its unpleasant. The book is just as graphic as the one prior, so I would still follow the same rule. If you’re not offended by graphic language and sex scenes, this book is a good book for you. If you’re looking for sweet romances or aren’t of an appropriate age, check out some other books that I’ve reviewed. So, yes, I would recommend this book to those who would enjoy this type of book.

About the Author

Molle’s writing career started when she was seven and suffered terrible insomnia. Night after night she couldn’t sleep until long after mid-night, only to wake a few hours later. Frustrated with her inability to just go to bed, (and her penchant for sneaking a book and a flashlight under the covers) her grandmother said, “You like to read so much, why don’t you tell yourself a story until you fall asleep.” With this brilliant advice, Molle’s overactive brain was off and running. Now, years later, she’s finally taught herself to sleep, but she’s never stopped telling stories. Join Molle McGregor’s New Release List and find out about new books and exclusive discounts first! Sign up at


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