Touch – Melissa Haag


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Home before sunset.
Sleep before dark.
Never go outside at night.

According to the family curse, Tessa needs to find “the right boy” before her next birthday or she’ll be living by those rules forever. It should be easy. After all, with a touch, she can see her future with a boy…a future where he dies young. She would do anything to get rid of her curse, except follow in her ancestors’ footsteps.

Then, she meets Morik. He’s a demon and the reason behind the visions and the rules. He long ago brokered a deal with Tessa’s ancestors, and he’s come to collect.

Tessa has a choice to make. Stand before Morik as her ancestors failed to do or continue to hide from what waits in the dark. Her time to decide is running out.

My Thoughts

In this story we meet Tessa. She is probably the only 16 year old girl who wanted to be normal. Tessa seems normal. She looks normal, she isn’t a witch, or a shape shifter, or fae, or abused, or anything else. But her life is anything but normal. If she touches a boy, she instantly sees her future with him. She sees if he’ll be a good and loving husband or if he’s a jerk and abusive or selfish. She sees whether or not they have children. Each boy is different, but in one way. They ALWAYS die young. Always, no exceptions. And Tessa hates this. It causes her to be ridiculed at school. It doesn’t help that she’s the professional new kid because her family moves every school year. She lives with her Mom and her aunt and her great gramma and her great aunt. And everyone is closed in the house at night, and Tessa has to go to sleep with the sun and rise with it. So there’s a spell that they put on her to help her sleep deeply. And Tessa hates it. Then she’s bullied at school and they cause her physical pain and chase her home. Then she meets “him”. At first it was through others. But always he is kind and gentle with her. And that’s when she found out that he is the maker of deals. And there’s nothing she wants more in this world than to be a “normal” teenage girl, doing normal teenage girl things. So, she makes a deal. But there is a cost to each deal. And for this deal, he wants something from her….

touch deal maker2

I’m going to leave the teaser part of this there. That’s the start of Tessa and Morik’s story. This is an unusual story, but it’s sweetness and natural progression just draws the reader in. Tessa grows to know Morik and he her. And as they grow to know one another and figure out what makes each other tick, they realize they had more in common than they originally thought. And for Tessa he opens a whole new world for her. One in which she can have friends, she can go shopping, she can have a job, all the things that all teenagers take for granted. And she offers him a world of firsts, a world with color and sound and a presence that isn’t his own. For you see, Morik is so lonely.

touch lonely man

He’s only wanted when there is a deal to be made. And Tessa offers him friendship. And that friendship develops into more because their lonely souls find themselves in each other. It is because of that deal she made with him, otherwise, he would have very limited opportunity to spend time with her. And the more time they spent the more time he wanted.

touch quote

Truly, if I speak more of this book, I’ll give you a play by play. Just saying.

Ms. Haag has a way of creating a world that makes you believe it could exist. Her characters come alive and their emotions bleed through her text. You don’t have to be told that Morik is lonely. His lonely creeps from the pages and into your heart. This is one of her lesser known books. And truly that’s very unfortunate because this is such an amazing piece. It should get more exposure and more credit than it does. This is one of my favorite books by her. And she says she will be writing a second book in this story that will give the reader more insight into the enigma that is Morik. I can’t wait to read it. So the question is…would I recommend this book. Oh you bet your bottom dollar! I have. As a matter of fact, my niece (whom I lent the digital copy to) loved it SO much that I got her a paperback of it for Christmas. The nookie in this level is no more than a few kisses and back and belly touches. Nothing more than that so it is safe for those who are younger in your lives.

About the Author

Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch was her first published novel. She is currently working on book five of the Judgement of the Six Series…along with several other new books.

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Twitter: @imagine2live

Judgement of the Six in order:
(Dis)content **Book 5–coming summer 2015**

Judgement of the Six Companion series:
Clay’s Hope **Book 1–coming summer 2015**


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  1. Love these teasers girl! And I agree that although it’s a relatively short amount of time, given their circumstances the relationship progresses rather naturally:)

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