Crown’s Chance at Love – Mayra Statham


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


Sabrina Miller lives in darkness. Having lost the love of her life just three years ago, she is content to live her life in muted grey just so she doesn’t have to feel. As a single mother of three she immerses herself in her career and daily routine all while letting her inner light extinguish.

One Tuesday morning, a chance encounter with Michael Crown threatens to break down all of the barriers she’s worked so hard to build around her. But who really Is Michael Crown?

Despite his struggles with his own darkness, Michael Crown finds himself at a crossroads with Sabrina. He has a chance to completely let his guard down and let love in, but it may come at the cost of losing the only woman he’s ever really ever loved. Can he find the redemption he so desperately needs and let Sabrina Miller in?

My Thoughts

When we meet Sabrina we are wrapped in her grief. Her husband had just died and she was at his memorial. Now at the beginning you think that possibly the man of the hour is Nick. Fast forward almost 4 years, she bumps into Michael at Starbucks. Instantly they were drawn to one another and they sat and had coffee. She felt alive for the first time since Sean died, and he didn’t expect to feel so drawn to her.

Michael has a secret that he hides during their courtship. (because that’s what it is, he courts her) And the longer he hides his secret, the further in love they fall and the harder it will be when she walks away. Can she handle his secret?

Sabrina is a character I really wanted to like. She was a good character, but she gave in too easy, and when she should have been wary, she let it all go and went back. Michael was too hot and too cold for me and not trusting enough in Sabrina. There were side characters that I enjoyed, and some not so much. But that’s how it is in all books.

To be completely honest, I had issues with the content editing. I received an ARC, so I know it’s going to rougher than the finished product, and this has nothing to do with grammatical errors. I had two issues with the editing and it was consistent and pervasive enough that it really brought down my enjoyment of this book. There is a lot of repetition, almost verbatim in the story, which made me want to skim and skip chunks of the book as I read. The other is it being told in dual first person perspective POVs. This isn’t a problem as Ms. Statham has a clear voice for each character. Just sometimes she switched to third person and it would completely throw me for a loop and I would have to figure out in whose mind I was in. Normally, I wouldn’t mention the editing issues because I expect them, and I’m hoping they were cleared up before the book was published. But they DO affect the rating of the book and my review, because they really took away from my enjoyment.

Ms. Statham creates a VERY detailed world for her characters. So much so that it is almost like being there myself. And other than the few things I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t a bad book, I just had a hard time staying in it. That being said, I’m already starting on her second book in the series and I am already attached to several of the characters that were in the first.

About the Author
I have always had an addiction to books. Once upon a time I wrote one, but was easily discouraged.
Today is a new day and have decided to put my work out there.
My first series is called 6 degrees of separation… basing it on the theory where we are all connected, even if at the moment we might now know it, later down the road we see it.

The first book of the series is Crown’s Chance at Love.
This is Sabrina Miller & Michael Crown’s story. A story about second and sometimes even third chances, because everyone deserves love


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