Zero (Book 1 Nephilim Series) – Jonathan Yanez


This book was purchased by me. All thoughts are 100% my own.


For as long as he can remember, Alan Price has been fighting a losing battle against bullying and depression. When one final attempt at a normal life goes horribly wrong, Alan prepares himself for the ultimate surrender. But he’ll soon discover that only by looking death in the face, will he ever begin to live.

My Thoughts

We meet Alan on the top of a building on the edge contemplating his very young life. We only get a glimpse of the prior 24 hours before the book ends. In that 24 hours we see him being bullied repeatedly, asked to step outside the box, shoved BACK into the box, and finally his final act of desperation…or acceptance. You choose how to view it. This is a short story. This isn’t a complete story by any means, and if I understood Mr. Yanez correctly, this started his Nephilim series books. Or this is just a simple short story to explain one of his characters. I’m not exactly sure, but the short is good. He pulls you into the character and you feel for him. If you’ve been bullied or denied something so basic or if you have been a victim of a series of bad events, this character can and should resonate within you. What gets me about this story, is that this mirrors really closely to experiences of a friend of mine. I didn’t know him back in high school, but to hear some of his stories and read this, there is a commonality between them. I already have Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes, so I’ll be reading that real soon. Mr. Yanez has the ability to draw the reader into his work. To be honest, I truly felt like I was a fly watching everything unfold for young Mr. Price. I wanted to interject so badly. I wanted to step in and throat punch people. I wanted to high-five others. And cuff Mr. Price on the head when he was being a numbskull. Most of all though, I wanted to give him a hug. I wanted to tell him that it would all work out. And that when time passes, he will look back and realize he’s greater than all this.

About the Author

Jonathan Yanez spent five years after graduating from college in sales and management before he realized life is too short to be doing anything but what you love. He lives in Southern California with his wife where he writes everyday, grateful for the opportunity.


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