Ridiculous – D.L. Carter


I purchased a copy of this book. No one requested a review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


**Mature Content Advisory**
Identity theft regency style. After the death of her miserly cousin Anthony North, Millicent Boarder is determined her family should never be poor or vulnerable again. To protect them she conceals her cousin’s death and assumes his identity. Now she must face the Ton and the world as Mr. North and accept the price she must pay for her family’s safety — she will never be loved.

My Thoughts

Millicent must what needs to be done to protect her mother and sisters from the workhouse. And when her miserly, miserable cousin Mr. North passes away, she decides there and then that she will assume his identity to get her sisters suitably settled and her Mother taken care of. What she doesn’t count on is rescuing the Greek God made Flesh that is Timothy Shoffer. Shoffer takes to the unusual Mr. North and they form a friendship that is close and full of mutual respect and companionship. But unbeknownst to Shoffer, Milli is very much in love with him, though she knows that she can never have him. I’ll not go further. I cannot go further.

I will say that I bought this book last year sometime. I read it back then as well. Fell in love with the characters. But I am trying to reform my bad reader ways. It was actually me seeing this book in my “read” pile, and feeling guilty realizing I never reviewed it. And after getting to know several independent authors, I know how important that review is. Thus I started this blog. All because of this book and a small handful of others. And see what has happened? An entire world opened up for me. So much so, that I’ve had this blog almost 6 months now and STILL have not reviewed this book. Shameful, I know. Hopefully, Ms. Carter can forgive me.

I laughed so hard reading this book. The situations that Milli finds herself in as Mr. North are hilarious and the inventive ways she finds of getting herself OUT of them is even more funny. Shoffer and Lady Beth were refreshing with their genuineness and their openness in taking in Mr. North and the Boarder women. The Dowager, not so much. I think I screamed “Ah, EFF HER!” almost every time she showed up in the book. I love how the romance isn’t really played up in this book. It’s the companionship and friendship that are truly the star. And when they do come together there are the fireworks. Oh are there fireworks! But there is comfort that can only come from TRULY knowing someone and having gotten to that level of companionship first.

Ms. Carter created a wonderful world that is like but unlike any other regency era book I’ve read. Most of them are stiff and full of pomp and circumstance. She creates one that has character and the characters flourish when all that stiffness is pushed aside. I truly enjoyed this book. And I am so very sorry that it has taken me so long to review it. So, the question begs to be asked. Would I recommend this book? Oh of course I would! I would recommend it for anyone looking for an unconventional heroine and a hero who doesn’t give a damned about what society truly thinks. And so long as they are ok with steamy. This is graphic enough without being too graphic.

About the Author

D.L. Carter was decanted from her incubation pod in the outback of Australia many decades ago. This terrifying event was closely followed by shrieks of “there, there it goes. Hit it with a brick!”

These valiant attempts to correct the existence of D.L. were, unfortunately, unsuccessful and she now resides in New Jersey, US., in a box with her toys, two human beings and four cats.

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