Future of Flames: The Spark – Lisa Messier

FoF The Spark

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


Kateraina was born FireKin, a true child of power. Her once mighty clan was decimated in the last Great War. Hunted her entire life, Kateraina has struggled to control abilities she barely understands. Her fate screams at her from the nightmares that plague her, a constant reminder of the violence she fears she holds.

Now, if she is to have any hope of survival, she must follow a NightWalker far into darkness and embrace shadows that lurk deep within. She must discover the truth about herself, a truth buried for over 1300 years. Kateraina must find her hope hidden in the past, or will she face her Future of Flames.

My Thoughts

When we meet Kateraina she is being born from her mother, Deirdre in a most unusual way. Due to the circumstances of her birth, she’s being hunted by some very powerful individuals who can bend nature to their will. We find out that Kateraina is also able to do those things. And when it seems like her light is to be put out, she meets a NightWalker named Dinan. Dinan is her only hope for survival and she follows him, because he’s the only one who can help her figure out who she is and why she’s being hunted.

There’s less dialogue and actions driving the story. We’re really in Kateraina’s head for the majority of it. At first we observed her through her father’s eyes then through Dinan’s and when she finally comes conscience into herself, we view the world through her eyes. The story is interesting. I will say I didn’t expect the original SoulSinger to who it was. THAT was an interesting twist to the story. This story is the start to an adventure. It ends on a cliffhanger, but on an optimistic note.

Ms. Messier writes an interesting take on a popular legend. To be honest, I’m interested to see where it leads. Her story blends both the human world and the Donati world seamlessly. And while I’m not as keen on books written where the character is constantly in their head, this is still a good story. So the question is, would I recommend it. Yes, I would. It’s good for almost all ages from teens on up. It’s not bad so younger couldn’t read it, it’s just a little beyond their maturity level. BUT if they can handle it, then by all means.

About the Author

I’m a stay at home Mom of three beautiful girls. My dream is to be able to write full-time. I love to read, and music thrills my soul. Writing has always been my passion. Welcome to my world.(Don’t mind the purple clouds, orange grass and pink trees…I let my kids colour my world)


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