Desire and Dominated – Eva Simone ***RELEASE DAY BLITZ***



Sofia Mantovani is my best friend’s younger sister, and the girl I’ve been in love with for

8 years. She has no idea who or what I really am. I hide it, forcing myself to ignore my deepest

desire to dominate her. Being around her is the sweetest form of torture, but she can never be

mine. I can never drag her into my world. To her I will always be Nate, but that’s not who I

really am…

I am Master Callaghan.

Nate Callaghan is my brother’s best friend, and the man who has owned me since the

moment we met. I’ve never told him how I feel, or who I really am. If he knew the darkest parts

of me, he would never look at me the same way again, but something about him calls to me. I

crave his control. I always have. I know him for who he really is…

I was born to be his Submissive.

When a single moment of weakness brings Nate and Sofia together, their lives are forever

changed. A cataclysmic joining of two souls. They are drawn to each other in ways that they

cannot ignore, but when life takes an unforeseen turn, can Nate save her from the one thing that

threatens to destroy them?

Can he save Sofia…from herself?


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