Surrender (The Command Series book 3) – Karyn Lawrence


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


The most dangerous thing on Captain Olivia Wallace’s plane is her Italian employer’s new bodyguard. Nathan is just like all the other predators in the deep bush of South Africa: he’s powerfully intense, strikingly gorgeous, and completely lethal.

But Nathan isn’t who he pretends to be and she’s drawn to the decent man she sees inside, the one he claims doesn’t exist. Even as he risks everything he has to save her.

His actions put them on a collision-course with uncontrolled passion, but also dangerous violence, and its impact threatens to destroy so much more than just their lives.

This book contains mature content. It is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger ending.

My Thoughts

We meet Olivia as she pilots the private jet down in South Africa. She has her boss’ son aboard and his security detail. Nathan doesn’t really want to be there, but he has a job to do and he’ll do it. But Olivia is proving herself quite distracting. There’s more at play here than anyone suspects and he doesn’t want her to get hurt when all kinds breaks loose, because it will break loose.

Going further than that, and I’d be destroying the mystery and suspense in this story. I will say that both Olivia and Nathan have a lot of secrets. I will also say that when the poo hits the fan, it has a far-reaching spatter. I’ve not read the first two books in this series, but I did look at their blurbs, and you meet back up with Laurel and Jason and Shawn and Kara in this book. I will say that some scenes were difficult to read. Some made me squeamish. There’s definitely a chemistry between these two that’s palpable from the page. The truth or lie game….no more need be said…just sayin! Do know that there is no cliffhanger and that this book can be read as a standalone with no need to read the prior books…but due to the nature of Nathan’s secrets…you’ll want to. Just sayin’…just sayin’…

I will say that I liked both Olivia’s and Nathan’s characters. And I ALMOST couldn’t read it. Almost. I have this weird thing that I can’t read romance novels (unless their clean/sweet/YA) with the names Tristan…and now Nathan. The former name being my brothers and the latter being my son’s. What made this doubly hard, she described pretty much what my son will look like when he gets older as far as hair and eye colour and if he looks as much like his dad, all except the height. But I persevered and kept on reading and I’m glad that I did.

Ms. Lawrence is from my neck of the woods…like really. We live around 45 minutes from one another. I’ve never met her, but I would love to. I love her stories. (this isn’t the first of hers that I’d read. I read some under a different name) Her ability to pull a story together from some very unlikely situations and making them seem likely, is really amazing to me, because my brain just doesn’t work that way. So would I recommend this book? Do you like mystery? Do you like suspense? Do you like heroines that can kick major tail but are tragically flawed? Do you like heroes who truly will do anything to save the day? Do you like romance that sizzles and makes you blush but makes you come back for more? Then MOST DEFINITELY I WOULD! This isn’t for the young in body or in heart. This isn’t for those who like it sweet and clean.

About the Author

Karyn Lawrence is an author, graphic designer, and screenwriter. She published the nonfiction book for children: “Techniques of Color Guard” after an editor discovered her color guard blog; way back in the infancy of the Internet and long before blogging was a thing.

She has been a screenwriter for more than fifteen years, with rather mild success, and grew tired of her stories only reaching a handful of readers. The decision was made to try fiction in early 2013 and once she figured out how to write internal dialogue again, the prose came fast and furious. She most enjoys writing smexy (smart-sexy) books featuring a lovable SOB.

Karyn is a Chicago native who lives in Kentucky with her epic husband and two adorable sons.


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