Desired and Dominated – Eva Simone


From Amazon bestselling romance

and erotica author, Eva Simone

The final book in the Enchanted


Desired and Dominated





Sofia Mantovani is my best friend’s younger sister, and

the girl I’ve been in love with for 8 years. She has no idea who or what I really am. I hide it, forcing

myself to ignore my deepest desire to dominate her. Being around her is the sweetest form of torture,

but she can never be mine. I can never drag her into my world. To her I will always be Nate, but that’s

not who I really am…

I am Master Callaghan.

Nate Callaghan is my brother’s best friend, and the man

who has owned me since the moment we met. I’ve never told him how I feel, or who I really am. If he

knew the darkest parts of me, he would never look at me the same way again, but something about him

calls to me. I crave his control. I always have. I know him for who he really is…

I was born to be his Submissive.

When a single moment of weakness brings Nate and Sofia together, their

lives are forever changed. A cataclysmic joining of two souls. They are drawn to each other in ways that

they cannot ignore, but when life takes an unforeseen turn, can Nate save her from the one thing that

threatens to destroy them?

Can he save Sofia…from herself?

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My Thoughts

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

We meet up with Sofia and Nathaniel. They’ve loved one another since they’d met, but neither knew of the others feelings. But each has a dark secret that they are hiding from the world and especially from each other.

I’ll be honest, I have had an issue with the dialogue in this book. I’m not saying it isn’t romantic, it truly is. But it’s all the time, and it doesn’t ring remotely real for me. I’m sure that it is me and not the writing. I’m more of the snarky type of communication, not the intense love language.

Sofia has a really dark secret. One that almost destroys her and her relationship with Nate. My heart broke for her and I wanted to throttle her all at the same time. But I understood her reticence to do so. Nate’s secret isn’t so dark, but it could definitely change how she sees him. So I can understand his reticence. And this story spans years and I’m not even counting the time that they’ve loved one another from before. This is after they knew. But they needed to do what needed to be done. I will say that they do get their happily ever after. Though there’s oh so much more that could be done after this. I’m not sure if there’s a second book coming or if the rest of their story would be told during others’ story, much like Jess and Simon, or Lily and Brandon’s.

And speaking of side characters, I really liked Luca and Brandon. Lily and Jess were pretty awesome too.

Ms. Simone wrote a very colourful story about a lifestyle that is becoming popular in books now, but I really loved that she kept her character less involved with the pain aspect and more in the pleasure aspect. And that even HE had his limitations that he’d be willing to do. I think a lot of writers forget that and make their Doms willing to do anything and their subs having to take it all. In Ms. Simone’s world, the subs truly have all the power. And it’s respectful. I REALLY liked that in every scene where they are having their play, he made her repeat her safeword. TRULY loved that touch.

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