Hunted (The Guardian Legacy Series Book 2) – Ednah Walters


I own a paperback copy of this book. All thoughts are 100% my own. You can read my review of Awakened (The Guardian Legacy Book 0) here and Betrayed (The Guardian Legacy Book 1) here.


Bran and Lil may have escaped an attempt to lure Lil to the dark side,
and recovered the contracts damned people signed with Bran when he was
a soul collector, but someone forgot to tell them that no one switches sides or
cancels contracts without consequences.

Hunted by an unknown but powerful enemy, Lil, Bran and the Guardians must
seek help from unlikely sources to avert total annihilation of the Guardians.
When they finally face their enemy, one of them may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

My Thoughts

We’re back with Lil and Bran and the other Junior Guardians. Valafar has been removed, Solange is still a wild card, but everyone is able to finally relax. Which is what they do on their island getaway. That is until demons who hide themselves in clouds try to obliterate anything and everything in their path. And everyone has to figure out what they want and why.

I am still loving Lil and Bran’s story. I think that Lil is growing up so much since we read her first in Awakened. Bran has grown too, but not in the same ways. His love for Lil and everyone around him seems to grow greater and greater with each installment. I’m even coming to love Kim and Izzy. I will say that I’m officially a Sykes fan. And Remy is a cool cucumber. I’d like to see him lose his cool, more than we’ve seen in this book. I can’t really say much. I hate that, but if I start talking about what happens in this book, you’ll have the previous ones ruined for you, as well as parts of this one. I will say that we’re finding out a WHOLE lot more about this balance of good and bad thing and that there’s more at stake than keeping the demons at bay. There are surprises at every turn and once you start reading it, you won’t put it down, and THANK GOODNESS the next installment comes out in a few days! I can tell you that I truly have NO idea what’s going to happen in the next book or if it will turn out nearly as well as I hope. I mean there is hope, and I am sure that Ms. Walters will write what needs to happen, but I’m concerned for our girl Lil! That being said. LOVED this book! And I can’t wait to read the next one.

Ms. Walters does it again with this book. I’m not sure how she can manage to keep each and every book in her series strong and just as good if not better than the one before. And this dynamic world that she’s creating with the Nephilim and Demons and humans is continuously growing and expanding and building in intensity and detail. I’m glad she’s the one driving this bus because I’m sure I’d have wrecked us by now. So as I’m sure you’d gathered. Would I recommend this book? You better believe it! This is a wonderful story for book lovers of all ages.

About the Author

*Ednah is the author of the bestselling YA Paranormal romance series, RUNES and THE GUARDIAN LEGACY-YA fantasy series

*Join her mailing list at or visit her at to stay up to date with her new releases*


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