Forgotten (The Guardian Legacy Book 3) – Ednah Walters


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own. You can see my reviews for Awakened here, Betrayed here, and Hunted here.


“Forgotten” takes the Guardian Legacy series in a new direction, as Lil wakes up on Mount Hermon Island after months of unconsciousness only to find that she has no memory of her life before waking up. As she learns about life there, and deals with her father and half-sister, she learns about the rules of society among the Hermonites and champions the cause of the minions, those who were unlucky enough to be born without powers. As she moves forward toward fulfilling her destiny as the one who will unite her people, she has to balance her responsibilities and her love for Bran.

My Thoughts

This picks up where Hunted left off. Only it is nothing like you’d think. We’re getting the other side of the story. And this is where my anxiety picked up. Lil has no memory of anything with the Guardians. Actually she has no memory of anything, including herself. So she’s having to navigate living with the Hermonites on her own, and find her own way among them.

Here’s the thing. I can’t say I enjoyed the book. I think I read it with so much apprehension that I couldn’t enjoy it. I won’t say it’s bad, it really isn’t, and as with all things there ARE two sides to every story and truly in order for Lil to LISTEN to the other side, she had to let go of the first side, which she wouldn’t have done with her memories. So I UNDERSTAND why Ms. Walters did what she did. But it kept my anxiety so high. I ate an entire ginormous Hershey’s Dark chocolate bar. I am going to reserve my judgement on this book until I read the next one or two or however many it takes to get this part of the storyline figured out. What I did love, OH HOLY the emotion that this book draws out. Because I’m so invested in Lil and Bran and Sykes and Remy and Ares and Janelle and Kim and Izzy and Angelia, it was really hard for me to go through this with Lil KNOWING what I know. And though we got to fall in love with Green Eyes (Bran) all over again, and we got to fall in love with Lil even more because she’s going to be who she is no matter what and she’s growing into such a fantastic woman. I can’t say I’m keen on several people and I will say that some are growing on me slightly.

Where this is headed, I think I know, but who knows anymore because I didn’t think THIS was going to happen.

Ms. Walters has just expanded this world of the Nephilim into an insanely different direction and it was NOTHING like I thought it was going to be, so I’d love to see how she draws it all together and coalesces into one complete world. I won’t say that this book was a disappointment. It truly wasn’t. It was just from so left field I had no idea it was coming. So if there is any disappointment it was simply because of my expectations and not at all from Ms. Walters writing or even where she’s taking the story. Because like I said, I do understand why she did what she did and the reasoning is beyond solid. It just made for some uncomfortable reading for me. So would I recommend this book. YES I would, but I’d warn a person first about this coming from the other perspective. Maybe it might prevent someone else from eating a ginormous bar of chocolate.

About the Author

*Ednah is the author of the bestselling YA Paranormal romance series, RUNES and THE GUARDIAN LEGACY-YA fantasy series

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  1. I was on edge the entire time I read this book. I experienced the whole gamut of emotions while reading and after I finished, I had to sigh and take some time before reading anything else. I enjoyed your review because it seems that you experienced several of the same emotions I did.


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