Stain: My Soul to Wake – Tara Oakes

Stain-My Soul to Wake

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own. (This book does come in a clean version, so the link for that is here. My review is for the naughty version.)


*** Warning: this novel is intended for those over 18 years of age due to its erotic nature and mature content. ***
True love.
These are the things of legend. Unexplained, some even say impossible… but nonetheless prevalent in stories and tales from all cultures and in every land from the beginning of time. What if there’s something to it? What if there is an explanation behind the mysteries and bedtime stories? Something beyond words?


She was taken from him in the cruelest way… condemned, sentenced and punished out of fear of the unknown. How is he supposed to live without her? How can he go on knowing that in this life, they will never be one again? There’s only one thing to do… only one option that will bring them together again.


Leah is taken on a weekend excursion with her best girlfriends to let loose, relax and have a little fun. What harm is there in a little vacation? It’s not like the legends, the haunted history of the place can scare them away. It’s all harmless fun.

Or so she thought.

Something seems familiar about the town. The trees, the winds, the feel of everything. Her ever present nightmares have become more intense within the limits of the old historical setting. She’s prepared to write off the whole trip as nothing more than a case of her mind running away with the sensationalized magic here. When she meets a handsome stranger who’s eager to know her in a way no one else can, she begins to think there just may be something more to this place, something more to him.

Will has been waiting, biding his time, and praying that she’ll come back. He’s broken the natural order of things to possibly find her again, weaving their way through the years until they can be together again. He knows he may never find her, but he can’t risk not trying. This place calls to her, just as it did to him. It will bring her back home. It will bring her back to him.

What’s 300 years when it comes to true love? He’s prepared to wait an eternity if he has to, just to see her, hold her, make her his and to help her remember what was stolen from them so long ago. He’ll stop at nothing to make her remember who she is, the power she possesses, and the love they swore to each other.

My Thoughts

Leah isn’t like other people. She’s plagued at night by terrors. This has been going on her whole life. Her parents had taken her to specialists and no one could figure out why she would have such terrible dreams. And though they did their best to keep her life as normal as possible, Leah knows she leads an unconventional life. And it is this need to do normal things like everyday people that leads her to Salem, Massachusetts with her best friends for a much-needed vacation.

That’s where she meets Will. Will is sweet. Will is a gentleman. Will is intense. And this pull she has with Will is intense. And that’s when things really get strange.

Leah is faced with a truth she cannot understand and a magnetic draw to Will that she cannot explain. And though he explains it in this fantastical way, it’s really hard for her to grasp. Add to that his friend Liza throwing logic into the mix and it causes some really awkward moments.

I will let you discover this gem by yourself. I’m really glad that I got to read the book. It was one of those that I thought would be interesting, but didn’t think I’d fall in love with. I will proudly say that this is one witchy book that I love. And I can’t wait until book two comes out. Leah had her moments where I wanted to shake her senseless. But I can understand. I LOVED her best friends Nina and Court. Those two women would scrap for Leah….just sayin’… I fell in love with Will just like Leah did. But it would be REALLY hard NOT to fall in love with Will. Just trust me. When a man that intense SHOWS you that he’s been waiting FOREVER just for YOU, you’re obligated to fall in love with him. I think that’s in a handbook somewhere. I love Will’s friend Tom. And we cannot forget the lovable galoot, Moose! I couldn’t stand Liza. UGH! I wanted to pull out her hair, kick her in the throat, and beat her with a tree.

This is the first story by Ms. Oakes that I’ve ever read. I’m positively certain that this won’t be the last. I like her writing style, and I love the twists and nudges she gives us in this book. Some things are so surprising that they had me gasping. Like for real, clutching my kindle and gasping out loud. I really enjoyed the way the past meets the present and the fantastical meets the modern. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. So, the question is, would I recommend this book? Well, if you truly have to ask that, then you’ve not read what I’ve put down. Of course I would recommend it. THIS particular book I’d be sure to leave it for adults. Though the language isn’t coarse, there is still obvious nookie going on. I’ve been assured by the author that the cleaner version leaves the nookie behind the closed-door so it’s appropriate for anyone mid-teen on up.

About the Author

Tara is a thirtysomething newbie author from Long Island, New York. She’s a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she’s not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.


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