The Kiss That Launched 1000 GIFs – Sheralyn Pratt

kiss 1000 gifs

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


Each weekday from 2:00-4:00 p.m., Grace and Ashton cohost Battle of the Sexes, a radio program arguing the he-said/she-said issues of the day. Their fiery debates often have listeners wondering if there’s more to their relationship than just talk, even though Grace has been dating Phillip, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Perfect, since long before she ever met Ashton Miller.

Yet when news comes that Battle of the Sexes is on the bubble for cancellation, Grace and Ashton need to step up their efforts to engage their audience to keep the show alive. When a charity organization approaches them and proposes that the two of them kiss for a fund raiser, Grace and Ash agree to kiss for a good cause. A kiss is just a kiss, right?

Or can one kiss really change everything?

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We meet Grace and Ashton at work at the radio station where they co-host a show called Battle of the Sexes. Grace is all about feminism and gender equality in the relationship, while Ashton prefers the stereotypical gender roles. They have major chemistry, and he has the ability to light a fire in her belly with his smugness and his “sexist” ideals. Ashton just loves riling her up and getting her flustered. He has had a thing for her since he met her, but keeps it professional and respectful because they are at work and she has a boyfriend.

Things quickly go south for Grace and her boyfriend and she becomes hyper-aware of her co-host. So one day while they were supporting a charity event, the sponsor decided to put it out, that if they were willing to kiss one another for donations to the charity. Both agreed.

These two characters definitely had chemistry. And though it was a clean romance in that there was never anything more than kissing going on, the desire dripped from the tablet. These two were combustible. And when they did kiss, and oh how they kissed, it was told through Ashton’s POV, and it was hot and yet funny because he was able to maintain some of his bearings in that kiss.

Ms. Pratt writes an engaging tale about people who aren’t really as opposite as they seem and who completely balance each other out. She gives Ashton a depth that we wouldn’t have guessed and gives Grace a vulnerability that most writers don’t want their strong female leads to have. I really liked that they weren’t very conventional. None of the characters were really conventional. Not the ex-boyfriend, not the best friends, not the niece. That’s how people truly are, they never truly fit into a single dimensional box. So question is, would I recommend this book? I would. This is good for anyone who enjoys romance for romance sake and doesn’t need sex in the story.


Sheralyn’s first job was as a karate instructor, which taught her that practice does not make perfect; practice makes habit–good or bad. Martial arts also taught Sheralyn that a master is simply a person who can effortlessly do all the actions a beginner finds difficult or maybe even impossible.

Sheralyn has worked in many fields throughout her life, but her 12 years as a karate instructor have shaped how she does everything, including writing and mentoring. She likes to keep things light and fun, but she’s also aware that life is journey and that if you’re going to buy a book, your life should better for it.

So, fiction or nonfiction, know that each of Sheralyn’s books are designed to take you to a new place. Maybe that book is designed to help you escape for a few hours, or maybe it’s a book designed to teach you a new skill. Either way, Sheralyn hopes it’s unforgettable…in a good way. 😉


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