Mercy (The Ferryman and the Flame Book 4) – Rhiannon Paille


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% my own.


How far would you go for a second chance?

Krishani never thought he’d see Kaliel again. Unable to remember his own name, fighting against inconsolable hunger and his slavery to the Valtanyana, he seeks refuge. The one thing he never expects the witch to give him is hope. After all this time…Kaliel is alive. Blind rage forces Krishani to do the unthinkable.
Find her.
Kill her.

My Thoughts

The cast of characters are complicated. Many carry different names but for the sake of simplicity, I shall call the two main characters Kaliel and Krishani, as they are known in the other books. Kaliel is reborn and lives life as an outcast teen at a very small community in Canada. Krishani is a wraith that she apparently did wrong. He learns of her rebirth and he inhabits the body of a boy and ends up “growing” up. And when he was 17, he figured out where she lived and he went to her to kill her. But the past seeps into him. He cannot forget what she’d done to him, but he couldn’t forget all the good things about her either. Most of all, he couldn’t forget how much he loved her. Kaliel has no memory of her past or of him. And as he got to know her all over again, all those good memories come crashing back.

I was given this being told that it was a standalone and that I didn’t need the first three books in the series to understand what’s going on. While that is technically true, I do think I missed a bunch of the story and history of ALL the characters and events by not having read the first three books. There are things I have no idea what it means, simply because it’s written as if it is understood. And while I truly did like the book, I feel as though my enjoyment could have been more complete had I read the other books. I spent more than half the book trying to figure out exactly what was going on and why certain events had impact, and after a while, it just kind of came together, but it was at 58% of the way for me. All that being said, it is an interesting book and definitely leaves lots of room for expansion and a multitude of different stories to be told.

Ms. Paille creates a more modern world compared to what I’m sure the prior books deal with. That being said, it’s detailed and complete. Her characters are fully developed, even if there is gaping holes in their story. I think the gaping holes adds to their complexity. So would I recommend this book. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t without suggesting that they read the first three before hand. I’d definitely suggest the book, but ONLY as part of the series and not as a standalone.

About the Author

Rhiannon is a booksmith from the middle of nowhere, Canada. She holds a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology, which is to say she happens to know a lot about what goes bump in the night. When she’s not writing she’s singing karaoke, burning dinner, and hiding her superhero identity. She’d like to own a unicorn one day, as long as it doesn’t eat her. You’ll find her sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee at


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