Rhodes to Crazy – Carly Wakefield

rhodes to crazy

I own a copy of this book. All thoughts are 100% my own.


Meet the Rhodes family, a vibrant tumultuous bunch of five brothers and a sister. A loving father and a well-meaning mother, who longs for her children to find their own happily-ever-after’s like herself and her husband.
In Rhodes to Crazy we are introduced to Sebastian.
Sebastian Rhodes hung up his ‘man-whore’ hat (as his sister calls it) when he was best-man at his brother Daniel’s wedding. However has been so busy building a successful Security business with his other brother Ethan, that he has had no time to look for a relationship and still thinks he may not be ready after all.
However, after running into an intriguing, if a little crazy, short brunette, not once but twice, he needs to know more.
Layla Alexander is an artistic and slightly eccentric twenty-five year old, with a small inferiority complex towards her younger and much more glamorous sister.
She has given up trying to find a man of her own until her sister is off the market, and is concentrating on her budding career as a professional Photographer instead. Unaware, that her career path and road to love are about to overlap.
After a crazy start can this pair find their happily ever after or will Layla’s insecurities put a halt to things before they have a chance to find out…?
WARNING 18+ adult content

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We first meet Sebastian as he’s taking a run, and he sees this beautiful girl on top of a hill he dubbed as his own. He knew nothing about her, but was mightily intrigued. Then we meet with Layla. She’s the creative sort, who flies by the seat of her pants. She doesn’t see herself as beautiful, that belongs to her little sister.

Sebastian comes from a large, boisterous family, who’s sister-in-law just so happens to be a friend of Layla’s. So, Layla and Bas meet. And they have this instant attraction. Bas is instantly in love. He was mostly likely in love from the moment he saw her on his hill. And thus begins their story.

The story is a good one, I’m just not keen on the writing style. It’s one of those “tell you” stories, instead of “show you” stories. Also, there were many points of view in the story, even side characters. So it made getting to know the main characters really hard. I know there are a great many people out there that love this type of storytelling. And I’m not knocking it for them. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Ms. Wakefield has set herself up for many stories as these Rhodes kids are many. And I’m really certain that the hijinks and hilarity will ensue in further books. So the question is, would I recommend this book. I’d tell someone about it and about the writing style and leave the decision up to them. The heat in this book borders between sensual and steamy and it’s not too pervasive throughout the book, though it’s discussed plenty.


I’ve always loved creative outlets, tried out hairdressing and dress making over the years but never found one that seemed to fit right.
Then I started writing and I finally feel like I am doing something that I can see myself doing far into the future.


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