Jillian And Lex Fitzgerald – Character Interview ***EDNAUGUST AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT***


Welcome to our first AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT month! I’m trying something new at Textual love. Every quarter, I’ll be spotlighting a particular author. During that month there will be reviews, interviews, blog posts referring to older reviews and/or series that they are working on. And there will be a giveaway at the end of the month pertaining to that author!


I pace and pause periodically to glance outside. I don’t know why I’m nervous. Jillian and Lex Fitzgerald promised to be here at five for the interview and it is five to… I need to breathe; Lex isn’t the type of guy to arrive late for an interview. After all he took a successful real estate company and turned it into a multi-billion-dollar empire in less than ten years. He must value his time and respect other’s too. I’m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers as my Gramma would say. I’m just on edge because I’ve never interviewed a billionaire before. I’m not even sure whether they’ll arrive on a helicopter, a limo, or…

The powerful sound of a V-twin engine fills the air. I rush to the window to find them arriving on Lex’s Road King. Another engine joins the first one. Not one. Two bikes. My windows vibrate, as they grow closer and I can fill the excitement filling my veins. Jillian is in the lead in a red Leeds Speed Racer. Lex follows her faithfully on his Road King, probably enjoying the view. Marriage hasn’t changed that woman one little bit.

Jillian pulls up, parks, and yanks off her helmet. Laughing, she turns around and faces her husband. Lex eases in beside her, stands still straddling the bike, and raises his eyebrow at her with an intense look. Her happy laughter reached me as I see Lex close the gap between them. He cups the back of her head claiming her mouth. In one smooth move, he drops the helmet, pulls her up and close while her legs rise to wrap around his waist, then he sits back on the bike.

Holy COW!!! That position… That hungry kiss. It is obvious this is not the first time they’ve used the bike. I fan myself, but my eyes stay glued on them, I know I shouldn’t look but I secretly want more. Talk about free Pay per View for her neighborhood. My neighbors across the street stopped whatever they were doing to gawk. I see their red faces and laugh.
Feeling like a voyeur, I step away from the window and paced some more until the doorbell chimes.

Me:  Welcome to my home, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

Jillian: No, no, Mrs. Fitzgerald is Lex’s mom, Tracy. Call me Jillian. :She hugs me, then waves to indicate her husband:  And this is Lex, but I’m sure you already new that. :She winks at me and walks pass me:

The gorgeous man takes my hand and drops a kiss on my knuckles. Heat shooting straight to places that make me pray my husband would come home soon. Warmth creeps on my cheeks and I nervously clear my throat.

Lex: The pleasure is all mine. :He says giving me his glorious grin and I wonder how I’m still standing:

Jillian: Down, lover man. She is a happily married woman so your charm won’t work on her.

Me: Oh honey, he can charm me all he wants. :mortified, I cringed:  Oh no, I didn’t mean to say that, Jillian. I’m so sorry.

Jillian: laughs: Don’t be. I’m used to women’s reactions to his grin by now.

Lex: :laughs: Since when? Wasn’t it only last week you told a waitress at the club to pick up her tongue off the floor or you’ll do it for her? :He laughs again: The poor girl dropped her tray and would have been fired if I hadn’t intervened. Then promised to stay out of our way.

Jillian: :sighs and trades a glance with me: See what I have to deal with? They drool all over him wherever we go and if I glare at them, I’m the bad one. The little bitch spilled water, tripped more than once and even watched us leave, all because she couldn’t take her eyes off him. I had to do something. Women are too damn bold!

:I nod in agreement:

Me: :chuckles: Where are my manners. Please, have a seat. Would you like something to drink? Iced tea. Soda, uh… :what the heck do I offer a billionaire anyway?: Water?

Jillian: No we are fine. Thanks!

They take the love seat and Lex grips Jillian’s hand and rests it on his thigh. She shifts ever so lightly crossing her legs and angles her body so his arm is on her chest then rests her head on his shoulder.

Jillian: So? What did you want to know?

Me: Well, I know you are meeting Lex’s friends on Sloan’s island, so I’ll make it quick.

Jillian: The gang can wait.

Lex: :looks down at Jillian: Uh, honey? You know what Sloan has planned.

Jillian: :sighs: Oh yeah. An intervention. You guys will never get it. Once a man-whore, always a man-whore. He doesn’t deserve her. Not after everything she’s been through. Okay, what do you want to know, Tracy?

Me: Wait, Who is the man-whore?

Jillian opens her mouth, but Lex covers it.

Lex: No one. What’s the question?

The change from playful to serious blindsided me. I could only blink at him…Yup, and this is why he’s paid the big bucks. His expression said if I didn’t lay off the “man-whore” subject, the interview was over. Still, I couldn’t help wondering what was happening with Lex’s friends. Obviously a woman was involved.

Me: Okay. First I want to congratulate you both. The wedding was beautiful and awkward and perfect. I wanted to know in “Impulse”, you were both really attracted to each other early on. Was there any thought that this contract would truly develop into the stuff written about in romance novels?

Jillian: No

Lex: :says at the same time: Yes.

Me: :laughs: Okay, ladies first.

Jillian: :glances at Lex and her expression becomes dreamy: I wanted to jump him from the moment we met. The bike might have caught my attention first, but watching him dismount… Even at dinner when he brought up the contract and I thought he was a billionaire nutcase, I still wondered about the man behind the suit and the sexy smile. So basically, I was thinking short-term. I figured a month with me… No, a week with me and he’d run.

Lex: :laughs: Yea of little faith. From the moment she opened her mouth outside that trailer, I knew she was the one. The woman for me. Everything else I did was to make sure she was exactly where I wanted her to be—in my life.

Me: So basically you plotted to have her sign the contract.

Lex: Ruthlessly and without an ounce of regret.

Jillian laughs and bumps him with her shoulder. I grin, It’s obvious she loves hearing him say this.

Jillian: He is scary when he wants something.

Lex: And I never wanted anything or anyone the way I did her and here we are.

Me: Jillian, your family is such an eclectic bunch. We know that in “Impulse” you learn a lot about your biological father’s family, and in “Indulge”, you learn a lot about your mother’s family. Do you wonder if you’ll ever have any Polish family members crawl out of the woodwork too? At least we know that daredevil gene is not only nurtured, but is also nature.

Lex shakes his head and gets another shoulder bump from Jillian.

Me: What does that mean? He doesn’t want any more surprises?

Jillian: Yep. Douglas is already searching for them. Lex wants us to do the surprising.

Me: Lex, you’ve been responsible for so long for your very large family, are you willing to loosen up a little and let them rise or fall, based on their own decisions and experiences?

Lex: :chuckles: I gave up the reigns when they got married. All my siblings and cousins have supportive spouses, but if they come to me for help, I’ll step up.

Jillian: Like last Friday when we had the children at the mansion. Lex and I watched over them.

Me: What did you do? Watched Nemo?

Lex: No, Minions.

Jillian: He fell asleep. But they tired him out. First we took them to a waterpark, which was closed to the public for the two hours we were using it, then we headed home for pizza and ice-cream and the movie.

Me: Wait, you had a waterpark all to yourselves?

Jillian: Took the fun out of everything! We couldn’t bitch about the long lines.

Despite her words, her expression says she loved it.

Me: Can I get an invite next time?

Jillian: Any time.

Me: I have to ask, though I’ll probably won’t get an answer. Will that turd in San Quentin affect the rest of the Infinitus Agendum guys? “Indulge” never truly gave an answer, only there’s an “investigation” and that the system moves ultra slow.

They exchange a glance.

Jillian: You tell her.

Lex: :stares into space: He’s already screwing with Rod’s love life, but in a completely different way than he did with us. Poor Rod is threatening to contact Jillian’s great uncle to take him out. Of course he wouldn’t dare do that. That’s all I can say on the subject. :looks at his watch: We really should be going.

Me: One last question, please. I know you’re still in the honeymoon year of your marriage, but can we expect to see any little “#Jexs” running amok in future books? (btw, I like this hashtag much better than anything princess/heiress/etc.)

They laugh.

Jillian: :pulls out her phone and sends a text: I just told Rod to start using #Jex. His people are planning on doing a month show about my family on St. Martin and #Jex has a nice ring to it. As for little Jex’s, I changed my mind. I want a son that looks just like his daddy.

Lex: :sighs: Sweetheart, we talked about this…

Jillian: See? He promised he’d always anticipate my wishes, yet he refuses to give me a baby so soon.

Lex: :drops a kiss on her forehead his eyes closing ever so slightly as he does, as if he can’t help but enjoy the contact of his lips on her skin. Then focuses on me: Thank you for hosting the interview Tracy. I’m not promising anything about babies yet, but my Jillian is very persuasive, so you just never know.

Jillian grins and winks at me with a victorious glimmer in her eyes as they stand, I chuckle silently and escort them to the door

Me: So you still won’t tell me who the man-whore is and who is the woman he doesn’t deserve?

They look at each other and just grin, then take turns giving me a hug. Jillian quickly whispers the answer and my jaw drops.

Jillian: Now don’t you dare tell anyone Tracy, I’m trusting you with this. Can I count on you?

Me: :nods quickly still unable to close my mouth:

Jillian winks again and slips her arms around Lex’s waist.

Lex: :sighs frustrated: Jillian please, must we always do this? I asked you not to say anything. This is his business nobody else’s. :He scolds her but his arm goes around her shoulder gently pulling her close.:

Jillian: Oh please baby, she won’t say anything, I trust her. Plus, he doesn’t even know her, it’s ok don’t worry. :She places a kiss on his cheek and they turn around walking towards their bikes as I watch still speechless…:

They ride away while I try to wrap my head around the identity of the heroine in the next Infinitus Billionaire book.

Me:  Poor Rod…


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