Claiming Crusher (Savage Brothers MC Book 4) – Jordan Marie ***RELEASE DAY BLITZ***




I see her. I see her clearer than anyone ever has—even her best friend.
There are secrets in those beautiful, brown eyes. Secrets that have broken her.
She reminds me of someone else. Someone I loved. Someone I was unable to save.
I won’t fail with her.
I want to claim her as my own and take away the ghosts that leave her haunted.


Little girl lost…
The woman I once was is gone. All that remained of her, were broken pieces lying ravaged and scattered by a storm.
I tried to piece her back together, to sift through the wreckage and re-create her.
It was impossible. She was too damaged. She died.
From her ashes I arose.
Untouchable, unfeeling, unworthy–the new me is not quite, right.
I don’t even like me. Why would he?
One man destroyed me. Why would I ever claim another?

Two damaged souls—
One trying to re-live the past, one trying to forget it.
Can they heal each other?

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***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.***

We’ve known Dani since Breaking Dragon. We’ve known that she’s sassy and ballsy and free-spirited. Or rather….we THOUGHT we knew. And honestly she was likable…kinda in those other books. You wanted to wring her scrawny neck most of the time for making such STUPID decisions or thinking with the girl between her thighs instead of the girl between her ears. So we’re getting her story.

We’ve known Crusher since Breaking Dragon as well. Crusher…Dragon’s right hand man, his friend, the VP of his MC. And in Loving Nicole we saw him fall apart and do some things that didn’t seem right. That didn’t seem to fit into what we know of him.

Their story is almost as complicated as the woman herself. This book goes WAY back. It goes back years before Dani became Dani, back when she was Melinda. And Melinda suffered greatly. These years really formed the woman, even as she tried to reinvent herself as Dani. And as Dani, she was all smoke and mirrors and the only man who could see behind the illusion was Crusher. Everyone was clueless to what lay beneath. And this is their story. The bad, the good, the ugly and the beautiful. Only the very end of this story takes place beyond what we know from Loving Nicole. After they meet Crusher and Dragon, pretty much the events are the same, but Dani gets into different places and we can see the motivations and situations from a very different eye. One that actually has more facts than the rest of the players. And we can see that this woman is grossly misunderstood…on purpose. All except Crusher.

I enjoyed this story, though I will say my heart hurt more during this than any of the other books. I can say that I like her better than I have, though I’m still not a BIG Dani fan. I can definitely empathize with her and I’m overjoyed that she’s found her happily ever after.

Ms. Marie has taken a wildly unpopular and disliked character and made her completely empathetic and sad. It makes you realize that you should truly put yourself into someone else’ shoes before laying down judgement even if the person is trying for such judgements to cloud over the truth. Truly, the work is brilliant, even if I didn’t “enjoy” it as much as her previous ones. There’s a lesson in this book that you don’t get in the others, and this is by far more serious. So would I recommend this book. I would but just know there is EXTREME violence against women. There is rape. There is revenge. There is love. There is lust. There is bitterness. And there is redemption. Definitely not for the kiddos or the faint of heart.


Jordan is a small town Kentucky girl whose life revolves around her husband and daughter. She’s an avid reader who has always had the dream of letting others hear what the voices inside of her head had to say. She hopes you find them as entertaining as she does.


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