Gavyn – Character Interview ***#Ednaugust AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT***


Welcome to our first AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT month! I’m trying something new at Textual love. Every quarter, I’ll be spotlighting a particular author. During that month there will be reviews, interviews, blog posts referring to older reviews and/or series that they are working on. And there will be a giveaway at the end of the month pertaining to that author!


I pace around waiting for Gavyn to show up. I know that he agreed to do this interview, but I also know how much he dislikes humans, so I doubt Bran was able to convince him to come, though I do want to show him that I’m willing to tell the Hermonite story to the world so they aren’t so maligned. But I’m still nervous. Gavyn makes me nervous. He’s just enough bad with a hint of good, on top of the fact that he could end my very existence with a flick of the wrist. I don’t bother looking out the door waiting for him to show up because he’ll just poof in like Lil and Bran did. So I was surprised when there was a knock at my door. Gavyn stood on my porch in a smartly tailored suit, his shock of white hair impeccably styled, looking every bit the successful business man, albeit young business man.

Motioning for him to follow me to my couch, he sits next to me, so I have to turn my head to look at him.

ME: Would you like something to drink? I have coffee, tea, water, lemonade, soda…

GAVYN: *shaking his head* No, thank you, I’m fine.

ME: Hello, Gavyn. I’m glad you deigned my blog worthy of your attention. I know you’re a very busy de…. I mean Hermonite, so I’ll make this worth your while. I want your side of things. We know that history is written by the victor, so of course their opponent would be considered the villain. And something we’ve seen in Forgotten is that, it isn’t always the case. We as the reader have been given an insight that we’d never seen before. There seems so much more to you than what little we’re given. You have moments of being a self-serving jerk and others of being more altruistic. Is your goal to best serve yourself or is it truly your goal to help your fellow Hermonites?
GAVYN: It’s always been my goal to help my people. That I’ve accumulated wealth along the way doesn’t mean I was self-serving. However, I’d like to make it clear that I saw things differently before. It was us, Hermonites, against the world and the Guardians. We had to find a home for our people, our children and elders. Now, no matter how much I hate to admit it, Lil and my brother are showing me that we can achieve the same thing using their way. *he smirks as though thinking of a private joke*

ME:  We first meet you in Awakened, you weren’t very kind to Lil or even to your brother Bran. On top of that you had those two lunkheads with you. Did you truly believe the prophecy at that time, or did you not connect the dots yet? I don’t believe you recognized her as Valafar’s daughter yet, but when you found out, were you shocked, amused, or distressed by the news? *I turn toward him to watch him better, his face is expressive though he tries to hide it.*
GAVYN: I’ve always believed the prophecy, but I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. So yes, I was shocked to see her with the Guardians. I was raised to believe that the Chosen One would come from us, the Hermonites. Coronis was right. Lil is from us. She is part of us as much as she is part of the Guardians. Getting everyone to see that is going to take some doing, but I’ll do what I can to help.

ME:  Bran loves you with all his heart. He does so much to try to get you to get away from the ones that would harm humans and guardians alike. Celeste loves you too, and I believe she, too, wishes you were by her and Bran’s side. And you’ve shown us several times that you have deep emotions for both Celeste and Bran, why is it so hard for you to join the Brotherhood or try to join the Guardians?
GAVYN: Have you seen what they wear? The Brotherhood and their monk-like robes and the guardians with their dark, uninspired hunting clothes…
On a serious note, I’m not good a hiding and living in the shadows. Both the Brotherhood and the Guardians do that. It’s only us, the Hermonites, who go about our business without hiding who we are, except to humans. But then again, I’ve never really cared about humans. *Gavyn turns toward me, so that we’re now facing each other on the couch, each with an arm on the back of the couch, more as though we were catching up on lost time. But there’s still a stiffness in his posture.*

ME:  We know that the prophecy claims that one will unite the two races and they’ll be able to live together peacefully. With your experience do you think that’s possible? Do you even WANT it to be possible?
GAVYN: It is a Herculean task, but I’d like to see Lil succeed. She is ingenious and might actually find a way to do it. Too many of our people have suffered because of the hatred between our groups, and it’s time it stopped. FYI, we are the same people, same race, just two different groups.

*He arches an eyebrow at me* I suspect that I completely stuck my foot in my mouth on that one.

ME: Sorry, I sometimes suffer from foot to mouth disease. I didn’t mean to seem callous.

*He simply shrugs and says nothing*

ME:  Ok, last question. We don’t know much about your childhood. We know the little bit that Bran has shared, and he has a lot of fond memories of you and Celeste and your dad. If you could give us a good memory of your family, that would be so greatly appreciated.
GAVYN:  I remember picnics with Dad, Celeste, and Bran near the pass on Coronis Isle. My father was fond of nature and we would do a little bird watching, rocks climbing, and even visit the dark caves. Dad would force us not to use our powers, so we wouldn’t be detected by Mom or the guards. I didn’t know until Lil retrieved the dagger hidden in the farthest caves that I realized that Dad used our picnics as a cover to check the dagger my grandfather left behind and to make sure it wasn’t disturbed.

ME: Well, thank you so much Gavyn for your time. I know you’re very busy. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. I hope this helps people understand that the Hermonites aren’t bad and you can’t let a few bad apples spoil the bushel.

GAVYN:  You’re welcome. I do need to be going, I have business elsewhere.

ME: Well, let me show you to the… *Gavyn poofs and disappears*

I was left with that same electrical feeling that I had when Lil and Bran stopped by last week. Only I can’t be too certain if it was all his dramatic exit or if it was partly because of his magnetism and the fear that he could hurt me without a moment’s notice. Regardless of the reason, he is ONE exciting Hermonite for a human to be around. I really could kick myself for my bad boy loving ways, because that’s one bad boy a human like me should never tango with. Thank GOODNESS, I’m a happily married woman!


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  1. That was rather enlightening! Thanks Gavyn and Tracy!


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