Devastation (A Beastly Tale Part 3) – M.J. Haag



**Adult Romance – Special pre-order price $2.99**
The Beauty and the Beast saga ends with Devastation…

Abused and rejected, Benella strives to regain a purpose for her life, and finds herself returning to the last place she ever wanted to see. She must learn when it is right to forgive and when it is time to move on.

Intended for adult readers only due to sexual situations, violence, and moderate language.

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***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.***

When we left off in Deceit, I was close to throwing the book. I was so mad and hurt and upset. I wanted to thrash more people at the end of that book than I wanted to shake hands with. And that’s where we start off. RIGHT where that left us. So we’re dealing with a very hurt and sad Benella. So, when Bernard is offered a position at the estate, they both evaluate whether it is a good position for him to take. And they both decide it is and go there. Once there, Benella has to come to terms that the Beast is gone and in its place is a seemingly indifferent man.

But Rose’s interference doesn’t end when the curse is lifted and she’s placed a newer bunch of obstacles in order for Alec and the inhabitants of the estate to keep their freedom. And Benella decides to do all in her power to help Alec and those in his employ. Along the way, she learns a few hard truths about herself.

I will say that this one ended on a much better note. So all questions and worries are answered and accounted for by book’s end. And in reading all three stories together as one makes for one heckuva read. It’s really a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Ms. Haag’s introduction into the world of adult romance is done with a bang. It’s not surprising that the quality is there. It’s not surprising that the world building is there. I will say that after having read so many books with no nookie the fact that there is made me go “oh my!” a time or two, but it’s done tastefully and it’s done without being too graphic. I know that some would take issue with Benella’s age. BUT bearing in mind it’s a fantasy tale set in a time reminiscent of our 17-18th century, girls were women once they were physically capable of bearing children. So by that standard, Benella is long in the tooth. So all said and done, it’s steamy without being racy. It’s delicately written without holding back. So would I recommend this to the adult crowd. Yup, I would I would!


MJ Haag is the pen name for Melissa Haag, a multi-published author of three series. As MJ Haag she writes adult paranormal/fantasy romance. The Beastly Tales starts with Depravity, publishing June 2015. There are 2 more books in this series. Deceit publishes July 2015 and Devastation in August 2015.

As Melissa Haag she’s the bestselling author of the YA paranormal romance Judgement of the Six series and the Judgement of the Six Companion Series. Check out her YA books at

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