Cora and Echo – Character Interview ***#Ednaugust AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT***


I know #Ednaugust is technically over, but I managed to get an interview with the VERY busy Echo and Cora and I decided to post it up today. I hope you all enjoy it!


I open the door both excited and nervous to see Cora and Echo here, I mean Squeee!! They are actually in my home! I look at their expectant faces thinking “Ok time to stop fangirling and act like a mature adult, Squeeeeee!! Ok now I’m done”…

ME: Hi guys, thank you for coming, my home is your home. *I step back as I open the door wide for them to enter.*

*Echo peers inside my home, his eyes aware and sharp as he takes in everything around him.*

CORA: *sighs, rolling her eyes.* Sorry, he’s trying to make sure it is ‘Safe’—makes air quotes with her fingers—for me to go in. *Then she steps around him and enters, pulling him in by the hand.*

ME: I chuckle, closing the door: Well there is nothing here that can hurt her, Echo, although I’m sure Cora is badass enough to take care of herself. I mean we all have seen what she can do after reading Grimnirs and Souls. I can assure you there are no dark souls here at all. However, if Dev wanted to stop by for a little afternoon chat, I wouldn’t mind at all.” *Echo looks at me surprised at my statement, finally stopping the “sweep the place for evil” with his eyes, then frowns. Cora and I exchange a knowing look and laugh.*

ME: Please have a seat.

*Cora sits on the couch as Echo sits beside her. I see him grab her waist as he attempts to bring her closer to him but she stops him.*

CORA: Reaper, behave. We need to be respectful of our new friend. We are not in your house. *She sends him a warning look and he sinks into the couch as he crosses his arms over his chest. Cora and I exchange another look and I press my lips together trying my best not to smile.*

ME: don’t worry guys I’ll keep it sweet and to the point, I promise. I can’t really promise it will be short though, because I have a lot of questions. Ok shall we begin?

*Cora nods and smiles. Echo just looks at me with an intense look in his eyes, as if sizing me up.*

ME: Ooook, here we go. Cora, what is the origin of your name?

CORA: My grandmother’s name was Coraline. I’m named after her.

ME: Echo, Is there a nickname that you’re known by? Do you prefer it?

ECHO *cocks his right eyebrow*: Do you really think someone would dare give me a nickname? I’m Echo. End of story. *His voice is dry and Cora gives him another warning look.*

ME: Cora, how much pride do you take in your appearance?

CORA *laughs*: A lot. I don’t care what anyone says, people are drawn by the visuals and I take care of my appearance. My hair is always nicely styled. I love to shop and dress nice. I don’t mind waking up thirty minutes early, so when I step out the door, I look my best. Echo might not admit it but he was first attracted to all this. *waves her hand to indicate herself*

ME: Are you also attracted to guys because of their appearance?

Echo looks at me with a “what kind of question is that?” look in his eyes then cocks his right eyebrow and tilts his head waiting for Cora’s answer.

CORA *laughs*: At first, but what holds my interest is their personality.

ME: Echo, what is your height, weight and build?

Echo: Seriously? Why would anyone want to know my stats?

ME: Ok Echo, I’m the one asking the questions here, so you are going to play nice and answer them, understood?

ECHO *grins*: Oh, a spunky Mortal. I like that. I’m Six-five, 190lbs and all muscles, Sweet-cheeks. *Pulls up his shirt and bares his extremely perfect washboard abs* Want to touch?

ME: *I blush as my pulse races. I look at Cora who seems to be as in shock at his answer as I am*: Uhm, well, I don’t think Cora would approve

CORA *Shoots Echo an incredulous look*: Are you ser… Why would… I can’t even… I give up! *Is all she manages to say as Echo laughs with mischief written all over his face.*

ME: *I clear my throat.* Echo, do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings? What do they mean to you?

ECHO *stands up and pulls off his shirt, then turns around showing me his back*: Scars, a constant reminder of my dark past and my dark soul. His voice becoming somber as the last words come out. He turns to face me and puts his shirt back on then looks at Cora endearingly; she calls them “badges of honor”. Cora-mio is a sweetheart. * he sits down*

ME: *my heart warmed*: You really do love her, don’t you?

ECHO *sighs, looking straight into Cora’s eyes *: Love is too tame a word. I adore her. She’s my anchor, my harbor, my crutch when the world is off kilter. She is everything to me. She completes me.

CORA * sighs rolling her eyes*: Fine! Come here. *She pats the seat beside her, feigning annoyance, but I can see the shine in her suddenly wet eyes.*

ECHO *Smiles triumphant and within seconds he jumps up the couch, places his right leg around her back and lets his body fall on the couch again so that she’s sitting between his legs. He wraps his arms around her waist pulling her tight to him and buries his head on her hair and neck.*

CORA *takes a deep breath in defeat as she shakes her head*: next question?

*I can’t help the smile that shows on my face, I love seeing these two like this.*

ME: Wow, you are a lucky girl Cora.

*She smiles placing her hand on top of Echo’s.*

ME: Ok, Echo. What is currently your biggest responsibility or commitment?

*A muffled sound comes from him as the answer and Cora rolls her eyes.*

CORA: You do know that unless you take your head out of there, she can’t really understand anything you are saying right?

ECHO *grunts and reluctantly lifts his head from her neck*: Cora and reaping, in that order.

ME: Really? What will your goddess say if she hears that?

ECHO *shrugs*: I don’t care. Probably throw me on Corpse Strand to remind me she’s the boss, but I’ve come to learn that there are other things worse than torture.

ME: Like?

ECHO: Seeing Cora unhappy

ME: Awwwww *escapes my mouth and I blink, surprised. I can hardly believe it came out me. I see Cora, turn her head to him, look into his eyes and kiss him briefly then he buries his face in her neck once more as she looks at me embarrassed.*

CORA: sorry.
ME: No that’s perfectly fine. What is the best thing Echo has done for you recently?

Another muffled sound comes out of Echo and Cora’s eyes widen as she blushes, I’m not sure why but something tells me I should be blushing too.

CORA: *laughs nervously * Puppies, he bought me puppies
ME: Puppies? As in, more than one?

CORA: Well yes, he wouldn’t be Echo if he didn’t do anything bigger and better than everyone else, so he got me 3. Two boys and a girl: Echo Jr., Spunky, and Shyla for the girl. They are my babies and I love them
ME: Echo, wanting to be better than everyone else might not make you too popular, do you have any rivals or enemies?

ECHO *lifts his head chuckling humorlessly*: Enemies, hmmm. Too many to count. Most of them are my fellow Grimnirs. In my defense, I really don’t consider them my enemies. They are the ones who consider me their enemy. As for rivals, I used to think a certain god-child was my rival. I’m his opposite in every way. He’s fair while I’m dark. He’s golden hair, pretty face, private and pampered existence while my story is harsh, dark and troubled, out there for all to see and it’s not pretty. But he’s no longer my rival. I won. I got the girl. *smirks smugly hiding his face again *

ME: Cora, Do you have any irrational fears/phobias?

CORA *squints*: Not really. I live in a farm, so bugs and small animals don’t bother me. My only fear is loosing Echo, I don’t think I could ever survive that.

ECHO *lifts his head from her neck and looks into her eyes*: Never going to happen, Cora-mio.

ME: Cora, What is your most cherished possession?

CORA *lifts her hand to display a ring*: A promise ring from Echo. It belonged to his mother and his grandmother before her.

ME: *I study the ring*: It is gorgeous. Is the writing runic?

CORA: No, it is Druidic. The middle one has a special meaning.

ME: What is it?
CORA *points at the three rays that converge at an apex*: This is called Awen. The three rays have different meanings. The left and right rays symbolize female and male energy. The center ray is their harmonious balance.

ME: *I touch the three spirals*: And this one?

CORA: That’s the triskellion. It represents Druidic virtues.

ME: Echo, how deeply does your job/social role define you as a person?

ECHO: What I do doesn’t define me. My past may have shaped the man I’ve become, but what defines me comes from here. *taps his chest* My essence.

ME: What is the driving force/motivation in your life?

ECHO: Doing right by those I love. It’s gotten me in more trouble than I care to admit, but that’s who I am. I will do anything in my power to ensure they are alright, but if you do something to them, I’m a vindictive bastard. You hurt someone I love and I’m a coming after you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or who I have to go through. I will make you rue the day you hurt those I love.

*I shudder and look at Cora who has a pensive and sad-apprehensive look as she sees Echo.*

ME: Echo, do you consider yourself a moral/ethical person?

ECHO *shrugs*: I’d like to think so. Don’t take my word for it though. Read my story and decide for yourself…

ME: Well, I think that’s everything I need. *I smile then I stand up as they do the same.* Thank you so much for coming guys, and thank you for sharing all this with me, *tapping the pad in my hand*. I hope the drive won’t be too long for you Cora.

CORA: *chuckles*: Thank you for inviting us. It was great being here. And nope, I didn’t drive. We “portaled” over.
As the words come out of her mouth I see Echo pull out his artavus or dagger and etch something in the air. Immediately the air dissolves and transforms in front of my eyes. WOW! I never thought I would actually get to see an air portal in my life!! I can hear the waves and feel the fresh air of the beach coming through the portal.

CORA: thanks again!
She quickly gives me a kiss on the cheek and Echo waves goodbye. Then they step into the portal and I barely have time to peek through to catch the pool of an incredible mansion on the beach, probably Echo’s house in Miami. Before I could blink the portal closes and I’m left with this incredible feeling of well-being. I look around my empty living room and sigh. No one is going to believe this….



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5 responses to “Cora and Echo – Character Interview ***#Ednaugust AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT***

  1. I wait for there wedding and am proud to say Echo is a honorable man for sure but why was there not many questions for Cora she has a great gift with a lot to say im sure hope to here more on her and I would have liked to here more of the past that made the Grimmers angry with Echo love this couple cant wait for more love all Ednah’ s characters crave more and more

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, in all truthfulness, Cora seemed a little distracted, so I thought I’d leave her to do her thing. Yanno, since I can’t see the spirits or anything. I’d hate to have been rude and interrupted. As for asking a lot of questions about Echo’s past….well, I know he’s hawt as sin. But he’s really intimidating in person. Not just kinda intimidating, but SUPER intimidating. On top of that his expression when talking about it, really clued me in that it wasn’t to be discussed.


  2. julie

    Marvellous interview really enjoyed it. Wishing them all the best

    Liked by 1 person

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