Demons (A Runes Companion Novel: Eirik Book 1) – Ednah Walters ***COVER REVEAL***

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Ednah’s Elite Valkyries is where you’ll find the latest information about your favorite Runes characters, as well as get to chat with Ms. Walters herself and figure out what’s going on. It’s also a fun place to be. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, one of the characters will pop in and say hi! 😉


Ednah has been most wonderful to offer up to my blog readers!!! One of you will win a Runes ebook of your choice and another winner will win a $10 Amazon Giftcard! How amazing is that?! That’s Ms. Walters for you though!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering just what sort of awesomeness do you have to do to win such wonderful goodies?

Simple really, leave a blog comment telling 1.) how you discovered Ednah Walters (and if you haven’t, tell me so!), 2.) what your favorite review that I’ve done is. That’s it. Oh and make sure that I have a way to get in touch with you.



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2 responses to “Demons (A Runes Companion Novel: Eirik Book 1) – Ednah Walters ***COVER REVEAL***

  1. Jeannie

    1. I discovered Ednah through Karen Lynch and Melissa Haag. 2. It wasn’t a review that I remember but I loved your interview with Raine and Torin.
    Jeannie –


  2. I found Ednah ever so happily through a Read to Review opportunity for Runes and Immortals last year and it was love at first, erm, read? 🙂
    My fave review dang that’s a tough one but probably the ones for the Beastly series 😀


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