Cocktails with a Tryst – Cheri Loughlin

cocktails with a tryst


Arouse your senses in the bar and the bedroom.

Cocktails with a Tryst artfully mixes 12 tantalizing stories with 27 original cocktail recipes.

Share these erotic adventures with your lover for a tantalizing evening of sensual pleasure. Twelve sizzling hot erotic short stories to whet your appetite for an evening of desire. Twenty-five delicious cocktail recipes to slake your thirst. Savor the stories individually or devour them in one setting. Whether you are looking for a little inspiration in the bedroom or the bar you’ll find it between these pages.

Share this book with someone special for a delightful kiss and don’t tell kind of evening, or have some fun with the girls for Ladies Night Out. Whatever your pleasure, Cocktails with a Tryst will hit the spot.

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***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.***

***DISCLAIMER*** THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE TEXT ONLY, NOT THE COCKTAILS WITHIN THE STORY. (At a later date, I’ll write a review on the drinks. But at this time, I’m reviewing only the 12 short stories contained within.***

Each of the stories in this book are told in a woman’s point of view and there’s an understood male “you” that she seems to be writing to. Almost as if these were either letters of her experiences or these were from a shared lovers journal. Each story tells of a different tryst, the scenarios include M/F, F/F, F/F/M. This doesn’t bother me, but in case it does you, I’m putting that there. Otherwise, I’d have not mentioned it. These stories are explicit. There is some blunt language, but some of it is softened up too. The stories are well written and are definitely on the HAWT end. And after each story are a couple of drink recipes that go along with the story. Each recipe seems to be well thought out and put together with a description of what to expect when you drink it, or if there’s a classic drink that inspired it. How tasty are these beverages? I don’t know yet. I haven’t had time to explore that, but once I do, I’ll be sure to post another review here on that part of the book.

Ms. Loughlin definitely has a grasp on writing in the moment. Giving enough detail to make it complete and whole without glossing over things in the effort to keep it short. I also like the personal feel of her stories. Though many books are written in first person, this particular one feels as though I’m reading the shared journal between lovers instead of a story. I can’t really pick out my favorite story, because they’re all equally titillating. So, would I recommend this book? I would, but to a very limited group of people. I’ve already recommended it to one friend. She loves to be teased and mix cocktails, so this book is perfectly up her alley. DEFINITELY not for those under 18 (for the stories) and 21 (for the drinks).


Cheri Loughlin loves to shake things up. This time she shakes things up from bar to bedroom by combining sexy stories, vignette photography and delicious cocktails. Her erotic writing began by crafting sexy stories from sensual words she added to her daily to-do list.

Cheri develops signature drink recipes with cocktail photography for liquor companies and artisan brands as The Intoxicologist by day. When she isn’t creating cocktails or photographing them, she’s reading, writing or making a list of story ideas.

Twitter: @CheriLoughlin
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