The Legend of Arturo King (Legendary Rock Star Series Book 1) – L.B. Dunbar

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My name is Arturo King, and I’m told I’m a legend in music. My band is called Nights and we got our start at the Round Table in New York City. Raised by a foster-father, I didn’t know the extent of my inheritance until I was twenty-one, and it was all more than I bargained for. I wanted to play the guitar and rule the world with song, but I learned I have a mother from old money, a dead father who was once a real estate mogul, and a record company that needed some rebuilding. Mure Linn, my friend and mentor, has been by my side through it all, teaching me to play, strengthening my lyrics, and guiding me in the music industry. There was one area he couldn’t guide me, though, and that was love. Guinevere DeGrance changed everything for me, I suppose, including the reason I’m here learning the legend of my life without remembering any of it.

18+ due to sexual content

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Arturo King is a rock star. He’s a legend and he’s known as the Chivalrous Lover. His band The Nights are hugely successful and he’s young and enjoying the rock star lifestyle. But the scene is getting a little old, his muse is dying and he’s in need of a pick-me-up. And during a show, he sees her. A vision in white captivates him and he just knows that he needs her. But she’s not someone he can have. She’s Leo DeGrance’s daughter, Guinevere.

Guinnie loves to play cello and is dying to get into the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. But life doesn’t always go as we plan and she falls victim to the plans of others.

I can honestly say that I wasn’t overly keen on either of the main characters. They both lacked a serious maturity. BUT I will withhold too much judgement because there’s another book in their story, not to mention the other stories involving the other Nights between this story and that last. I will just say that in this particular story, I don’t see how it could have ended in any other way. Well, maybe worse endings. But the one that is there is kind of the best case scenario, and definitely less heartbreaking. I love how steadfast he is, once he sets his mind. Guinnie not so much and that’s bothersome to me. But that’s a personal thing, not a dig on the book or the author. I still enjoyed the story overall, and I can’t wait to delve into the others. I’m most certainly interested in Perkin’s story. I don’t know why. But his story blurb calls to me! The one I’m least looking forward to is Tristan’s. But that’s a personal thing there, too. I have a brother named Tristan and it squicks me out to read any sort of nookie anything involving that name. So, we’ll see if I can make it through that book.

Ms. Dunbar has taken the myth and legend that is the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and has modernized it and made into something more realistic in this day and time. Because let’s face it Rock Stars are the new royalty and their lives and goings on are the stuff dreams and legends are made of. I know that she’s not 100% true to the stories and that’s perfectly ok. That’s the point of it. That’s how King Arthur became the stuff of myths and legends in the first place. The first story was already not 100% true to the story. I will say that I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. So, would I recommend this book? I would. I think that the retelling of the legend is imaginative and interesting and quite unique.


I’d love to say I’ve written for 10,000 hours, and that makes me a pro. But I can’t say that. What I can say is I had a story in my head that wouldn’t go away. I thought typing it in my computer would be the end of things, but it only led to another story and another. I love reading, so characters in my head isn’t something new. What is new is my creation of them. Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do. Happy reading!



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