Textual Love is officially 1 year old!!! I had a goal when I started my blog. My goal was simply to write reviews of the books that I’d read. I’m a terrible reader. I would read books but never leave a review of them. Which might work for those like George R.R. Martin or Stephen King. They will sell books simply because their names are on the books. But for the indie author, they LIVE on those reviews. And I had been reading a lot of indie authors. And that’s how and why Textual Love was created.

I will say that I didn’t anticipate the direction this blog would take. I thought it would simply be me reading through my books that I gathered and leaving reviews for those. And that HAS happened, though on a mighty low scale. This past year has seen me reading more ARCs than anything else. I’ve been part of a beta reading group. I’ve landed a JOB. All because of my blog and me writing my opinions down. So, I guess it’s only fitting that in the anniversary month of my blog, my very first story will be published. It’s a short story set….well, I’ll let the future blog posts about it let you know. Needless to say, THIS is not where I thought I’d be 1 year after starting my blog.

My plans for the next year? Well, I’m going to get more into the purpose of my blog. Reading through my books that I’ve gathered and review them. Also, some more ARCs and maybe an author spotlight or four.


So, in the spirit of a anniversary, I have presents to give!




Box 1 is a Romance Mystery Box. Most of my reviews are Romance related, so over this year I’ve collected quite a bit of romance swag and books. This box will have some galley books and some swag. Box 2 is actually quite related to my job. We don’t really do romance…sorry people! Though it’s possible, it’s not there yet…not really. BUT there’s swag and books of the nature that isn’t related to romance.

There will be two winners. Sorry to my international readers, postage is outrageous. And to keep this simple, just leave a blog comment telling me which book review I did that prompted you to buy it and be sure to let me know which box you’d like to be signed up for. Mr. Random will be picking the winners on November 30th.

Don’t forget to check out my other giveaways this month! There’s the ebook set giveaway for Melissa Haag’s Judgement of the Six series that ends on Nov.9th. There’s also the two Author Spotlight giveaways that are going on throughout the month.

In the end, I just want to thank every one of you who read this blog or follow my twitter page or my facebook page.



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11 responses to “TEXTUAL LOVE TURNS 1!!! ***GIVEAWAY (USA only)***

  1. Oh my grandma has it really been a year?? That means we have known each other almost as long!! Congratulations, as for which review prompts me to buy and read, duh all of them!!

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  2. Happy Blogiversary Tracy! I have read and reacted to your excitement over certains books since we’ve known each other, but to be honest, haven’t read a lot of them (except the obvious ones -lol)


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  3. Happy Blogiversary lovely lass!! That is super exciting. I’m so happy you’ve gotten such awesome opportunities through blogging, I never thought of myself as a networker but look where we are now!
    I love the idea of a mystery prize, and would be pretty interested in finding out what’s behind door number 2. As far as your reviews, there have been so many that made me tbr or wishlist books, but the one that I went and bought was the free book at the time, Every Last Kiss by Cortney Cole (sp?)

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  4. Happy Blogiversary! I’d love to win the romance box. πŸ˜€ Tough Enough sounds really good. Haven’t grabbed a copy yet though.

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  5. Ashley Graham

    I’ve had to many one clickers of books that you’ve recommended. πŸ™‚ And surprise me if I win, not picky at all. Thanks for the chance!

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  6. I am in Canada, so not entering but I would say any Review from Runes Ednah Walters and the characters interview I Loved them all and also the one from her Guardian series the character interview very fun!
    Congrats on 1 year and Happy Blog Birthday!

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  7. Well you sent me the “Touch” book by Melissa Haag and I absolutely loved it!! Congrats on your 1 year blog birthday!!

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  8. You were an awesome book buddy and you and sent me “touch” by Melissa Haag and it was awesome!! Loved every moment of it!!! Plus we read a lot of the same authors ΔΉol… Plus congrats on your 1 year and blog birthday!!!

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  9. Congratulations on it being a year! I have read a couple of your recommendations and added quite a few to by wish list. As far as a mystery box goes i would be interested to see whats in box number two!
    Thanks for the chance to find out.


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