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Welcome to #Drew-vember here on Textual Love. This month’s Author Spotlight falls on Drew Hayes. We’re going to be having an interview with the Author himself as well as Character Interviews from some of your favorite books as well as reviews of all of his books plus a giveaway or two throughout the month.


The young man sitting across from me seems to be at ease in my house. I’m not fooled, though. This isn’t non-chalance on his part. He’s probably ran checks on me tighter than the government would, then had Eliza and Jerome to scope me out. Nick Campbell didn’t go into anything without looking at all the odds first and deciding whether it was in his favour or not. And he must have considered me a complete non-threat because the two afforementioned bodyguards weren’t in sight. The well dressed man had sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He wouldn’t be considered classically handsome, but it was the ease and confidence with which he held himself that set him apart from other people I’d met.

I know that there are limitations to what you can tell me. So I’m going to try to keep these sort of general. Can you explain to us what exactly the difference is between Powereds, Supers, and Heroes? Most of us are a little fuzzy on the details. We’ve been brought up with the idea that if you have super powers at all, then you were either a hero or a villain.

That would be akin to saying that everyone born with blue eyes is either a movie star or a rugged, striking bank robber. Just because one has the capacity to do something doesn’t mean it’s the path they are bound to follow. The truth of the matter is that the majority of Supers live normal-ish lives, albeit with certain advantages. That said, I can see where the misimpression comes from, as those of us who draw the public eye do so spectacularly.

As for the question of Powereds, Supers, and Heroes; simply put a Super is a human born with abilities beyond the human spectrum. Flight, super speed, manipulation of intangible forces, things that lay outside what our understanding of the world considers possible, yet these people can do it. A Powered is much like a Super, except that they lack control over their abilities. Some have triggers like strong emotions, while others have their power activate due to reflexive physical actions, like sneezing. Some have no telltale triggers, their abilities simply come and go at random. Finally, Heroes are Supers who have been trained and graduated from the Hero Certification Program. It’s essentially a mix of college and Thunderdome, where the best go in and the unstoppable come out.

Due to that training, Heroes are regarded as the strongest of Supers, and that’s not without cause. It’s a very foolhardy or idiotic criminal that puts themselves on a Hero’s radar, and that type do not last long in our world.

Do you think Mr. Adair would be cool with the relationship that is brewing between you and Alice?

Ahem, I have no idea to what you are referring. However, if there were some romantic notions between Alice Adair and myself, I daresay her father would show little interest in it. At least, if his pattern of absent involvement with Alice held true.

Speaking of…how does marriage work between a hero and a non-hero? Do spouses know of the secret identities?

Speaking of what? Because I am certain you are not alluding to the previous question.

Regardless, Heroes can and do marry civilians all the time. Secret identity clauses are only for those enrolled in the HCP, there have been Heroes who made their identity public before, and there’s nothing technically wrong with it. Most prefer to keep it a semi-secret, however. Whether to tell a romantic partner is a choice only they can make in each relationship. I suppose it’s possible to keep one’s spouse in the dark through marriage, though I can’t imagine those relationships hold up too well. Heroes work unconventional hours, to say the least, and are often called away at a moment’s notice. That’s the sort of thing that eventually demands explanation, or divorce.

I can assure you, I wasn’t alluding to you and Alice and marriage. It just lead me to thinking of Roy and Hershel’s mom and dad and just how that worked in general. I apologize for any cause of alarm. Ok, where was I? Oh yes, a question about your power. Can you truly manipulate luck or do you enhance your chance of good or bad luck?

You could say I manipulate luck in the same way a dam manipulates a river. Yes, I can steer it in a direction of my choosing, positive or negative, but I have no say over how it will flow from there on. In controlled circumstances, such as a game of dice or cards, the effects are more predictable. But the larger the scale one works in, the more subjective things become. Just because I get positive luck doesn’t mean I’ll reach the outcome I wanted. What we want and what is good for us are often very different things, after all.

If you could do it over again (do it different but with the same result), would you change the testing done at the end of your Sophomore year that clinched Vince’ spot?

Meddling in what works is a dangerous proposition. Perhaps there are a few tweaks I would make here and there, but all in all I’m rather happy with the way things turned out. My friends are where they should be, and I’m still here to watch over them. Change things, tweak them too much, and perhaps that outcome changes. No, even if it were possible, I’d likely still do things the same way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, to steal a saying in Roy’s vernacular.

Who do you think is the strongest super at the HCP?

In terms of sheer power? Probably one of the professors. Dean Blaine seems the likeliest candidate, though Professor Fletcher’s ability is certainly impressive. But since I assume you meant of the students, I’d say that Chad takes the place in terms of overall strength. Much as I would love to give the spot to my friends, the facts speak for themselves. Between the multi-purpose power and endless training, he is quite the difficult match to beat.

That said, if one were to expand the definition of strongest beyond raw combat power, I suspect the best of our class would either be Vince or Alice. Vince, because it should never be discounted how useful the ability to rally others around you is in combat, and Alice, because a properly trained Subtlety mind paired with her power could be quite the dangerous combination. Then again, this is of course all speculation. Things are still in flux, and it won’t be until they graduate that anyone can say for certain who the strongest in the class was.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and answering a few questions for me! I really appreciate it. 


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