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Fate is a bitch with a mean strike. The King of Denkered has searched the seas for three years, in his quest to reach the mercreature who saved him from a ship wreck, but he gives up, tired of chasing a dream. “One day. One day after he convinced himself to propose to an unsuitable, unrefined, unliked, conniving girl, he found the woman he’d been looking for.” Contrarily to what one would assume, Silvia isn’t masochistic, so when they meet again, she has no intention to waste her time on the yummy piece of man she’d saved three years ago. He may have been the object of every single one of her fantasies, but he’s taken. Women who manage to get a man to forget his attachment get what they deserve: a cheating ass. End of story, right? —- A little Siren is the second book of Not Quite the Fairy Tale, and although they are standalones, they are meant to be read in order as the characters interact. Beware of strong language and adult situations, although this is no non-stop erotica.

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***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100$% my own.***

We got to meet Silvia in Ms. Sage’s Cinderella. She wasn’t a very sympathetic character. She was actually one of the characters I liked least. So, I thought this story of the little siren would be interesting. Could Silvia become a heroine in her own right? Because every villain is a hero in their own story. In this case, it’s simply a matter of misplaced blame and someone who just flat doesn’t stand up for herself. What good would it do anyway. She’d be blamed for any turn around because her voice does things to people, she is after all a siren. This story starts years before Cinderella, at least a moment of it. But the true story begins near the end of that book.

Silvia met Erik and his son Sebastian on a ship. When a storm threatened to capsize everything, she saved them both from certain death. The king of Atlantis, Morgan, condemned her for being responsible for the storm and preventing two people from dying, she was banished from the waters altogether. When they came back together again, she had her voice sealed. Erik was engaged to be married to someone else, but Morgan realized who she was and was determined to get her, even if that meant tearing apart the entirety of Europa (not the moon of Jupiter). And this is their story.

Silvia IS a likable character even if she herself doesn’t feel so. Erik was ok. I wasn’t as keen on him, but I am curious what he was. He can’t be simply human if he has such insane pull on women. Ella is a testament to that. We do see Dane and Ella and Sandro, and they do play a role in this story. We also get a bigger clue about something that happened to Sandro in Cinderella, as well as a peek of some future something for Dane and Ella. There are a lot of elements in this story that I’m glad the author mentioned getting into later on. Because Silvia’s mom and Sandro, and what the heck happened to…well…you’ll need to read it for yourself. You’ll know what I’m referring to.

Ms. Sage’s story of the Little Mermaid is unique. And while there are some major naughty times it isn’t the entirety of the book with a thin story thrown in. This is a complex and detailed story with some kinky, naughty times thrown in. And so, while I wouldn’t qualify it as erotica based on frequency of sex and coarse language, it is DEFINITELY kinky, and in books that would qualify it as such. (There’s even a position I wasn’t aware had a name mentioned!) So, would I recommend this book? IF you’re looking for a naughty twist on your childhood fairy tales, I’d most definitely recommend this read. If you’re young or offended by such things, then please do not read this book, as it isn’t meant for you.


Once Upon A Time, there was a little girl who just loved telling her own stories. Fastforward about two decades? Not a lot of change, there.

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