Captured (Devil’s Blaze MC Series Book 1) – Jordan Marie


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Captured by Jordan Marie

She was my obsession. I was her destruction.


My life is not my own. I belong to the family. Every step I make is dictated.

Until him. Skull.

The only man I’ve ever loved. The only man I will ever love.

His touch inflames me.

I can’t stay away—even if I should.

I gave him my body and my heart.

To keep him safe, I will sell my soul to the devil.

The lies began with our hello.

Now, I’m captured by them.


There’s an animal in me that I keep hidden.

Beth calls to him. She tempts the monster and lures him to the surface.

I’m obsessed with her. I can’t stay away, even when doing so puts my entire club in danger.

Her blood is on my hands.

I formed her to fit only me.

I was her first and if I have to kill everyone in our way. So be it.

I will be her last.

She is mine.


This book will be released January 28th. It will end in a cliffhanger and continue in Torch’s story (Burned) To be released February 25th. Torch’s story will have his happy ending and then the series will conclude in March with the release of the final book– Conquered.

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We met Skull way back in Breaking Dragon. He’s the fellow from the rival motorcycle club that hits on Dragon’s woman, Nicole. We also saw him later helping her out as best as he could in Loving Nicole. Well, this story happens before all that does. This is HIS story. This doesn’t take place in Kentucky, but in Georgia. And this is the story of Skull and Beth. We get to know Beth as she’s trying to fall from the nest, instead she lands in Skull’s lap and he’s lost when he sees her.

Their story is intense. It’s filled with deceit and with twists and turns and manipulations. These two people were played like puppets on strings and the fallout from everything going on makes all the stuff that Dani went through (that we found out in Claiming Crusher), look like small-time amateurs. And this story isn’t finished. We have more coming. Skull’s story isn’t done.

I liked Skull from the Savage Brothers MC Series. I liked him in this story as well. He’s intense, much like his story. I liked Beth, too. She didn’t roll over and take punches, she made the best decisions with the knowledge that she has, much like Skull. Much like any of us in the real world. For side characters, I FLIPPING LOVE Beast. My heart felt so much love for the gentle giant. I liked Torch (the subject of the next book in the series) and Diesel (who we also met in the Savage Brothers Series).

Ms. Marie’s world of bikers and small family mobster types is expanding and shows just how small the world is, and how big fishes in little ponds can create such havoc, but when the bigger fish get involved, it becomes a freaking nightmare. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the next. So would I recommend this book. YES, I would. And though it’s NOT necessary to read Breaking Dragon beforehand, I think you ought to. At least read it immediately afterward. Just trust me on this one.


Savage Brothers MC Series

Breaking Dragon

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Saving Dancer

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Loving Nicole

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Claiming Crusher

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Trusting Bull

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