Finding Grace (The Lost and Found Series Book .5) – J.A. O’Donoghue

finding grace j.a. odonoghue


This book is a prequel to The Lost and Found Series

Grace Canten has been hiding from her past for the last five years. So when the man working next door starts sniffing around, will she be able to let go of her fear, or will she lose her chance at a life, and love?

Ramsey Gable doesn’t understand what Grace is so afraid of, but will he be able to accept her when he finds out her dark secret?

And Grace’s past isn’t done with her yet.

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We meet Grace, a pit bull loving, fast food working gal, just trying to hide out from the world that didn’t seem to want her. She grew up tossed around in the foster system and finally ended up with a family that was like her. One that explained all the stuff that was happening to her, that wasn’t happening to anyone else. She was a shifter. After graduating she went to find her family, only to find that they never wanted her and after viewing their lifestyle, she didn’t want them either. So she hid. Then Ramsey found her.

Ramsey takes care of those he loves and he and his family just settled down after ten years of roaming. Then he finds Grace. Their relationship was tentative (on her part) and definite (on his), but her secret affect more than just her. And letting it out has some serious fallback.

I liked Ramsey. Though he was bone-headed sometimes and didn’t always communicate the best, he was a really good guy. I liked Grace, too. She was skittish and afraid of everyone that shifted, but she was genuine and really wanted what was best for everyone. This story takes place in the early 80’s and it sets up the series.

Ms. O’Donoghue is building a world of shifters that live side by side with humans without humans being any the wiser. In this book she creates the rules of the world and she establishes the different factions within the shifter community. So, I’m excited to see what’s next in this budding author’s series. So, would I recommend this book? For someone who’s looking for a clean shifter read that is fairly quick, yup, I would. I can’t wait to read Stolen, which is next in the series.


J. A. O’Donoghue lives in Kentucky with her husband, her father, their two cats-Barry and Leia, and their pit bull/boxer mix-Gremlin. She adores the pit bull breed, and she and Gremlin enjoy watching Pit Bulls and Paroles on Animal Planet together. She also fights for Mental Health Rights, and receives treatment for Depression and Anxiety.

She writes paranormal YA romance novellas and novels, and is currently working on the Lost and Found series, as well as the In The Night series, which debuts August 14, 2016 with the first book, Dragon’s Flame. Her third book-Taken, Book Two of the Lost and Found Series-will be out April 17, 2016.

Starting November 28th, 2015, all profits from Finding Grace, her debut novel, are now being donated to the Villalobos Rescue Center.

Other hobbies she enjoys are reading, knitting and crocheting, and is proud to be a fan of Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals.

You can connect with J. A. O’Donoghue though these sources

Facebook: Author page-

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Twitter: @ja_odonoghue


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