The Perfect Mortals & Company of Heroes (The Buan Trilogy Books 1 & 2) – Reece Bridger ***RELEASE DAY BLITZ***






During a ceasefire of a war that has taken more lives than could be considered just, there are shadows of betrayal and deceit lurking in the rays of the morning sun. Something is lingering on the horizon, and it’s hell-bent on destruction, despair and death.
Whatever it may be, it’s driven the Goddess to some very desperate measures.
Life for the Harmon siblings has been hard enough, but now they face responsibilities that they never asked for. They never asked for power. They never asked for a world of monsters. They never asked to come face-to-face with demons, the corrupted of their own people, or their own mortality.
But that is just what they will have to do. They are the chosen heroes of Cornelia, the final hope for order and sanity, the last line of defence against the darkness.
They are the Buan.






Stranded, lost and alone in the world they are destined to save, the Harmons are forced to leave their old lives behind and embark upon their journey. Their success will vanquish an ancient evil, but their failure will damn their world. They have no idea where to go, what to do, or who they will come across.

And as far as they can tell, it seems that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

As pressures mount, the Buan, Luxa’s chosen heroes, are forced to meet new dangers, push their boundaries, and question everything they ever thought about their world. They will have to face monstrosities, revisit the ghosts of their past, and forge unlikely alliances.

And yet, their journey is destined to be dogged by uncertainty and despair. How do the Greigons really live? Who is their elusive silver-haired benefactor? Why has a dragon returned to Cornelia?

And perhaps the most troubling question: Who, or what, is Bo?




Reece Bridger was born on the 17th of September 1995 in the south of England. He is noted as coming into this world kicking and screaming, as if dragged out of his natural environment. In some respects this is true; all small, quiet spaces are the same as far as he’s concerned. Almost always found with his laptop and a twin dragon pentacle necklace around his neck, Reece can usually be found at his work desk trying to learn how to write descriptions of himself as well as writing his many works.

Reece’s first published novel, ‘The Perfect Mortals’, was self-published a year ago; since then it was accepted to be re-released by Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing, who also published the sequel – ‘Company of Heroes’ – in January 2015 until Reece and the publisher parted ways in July of the same year. Reece is now back in the self-publishing game, bringing back ‘The Perfect Mortals’ and ‘Company of Heroes’ on the Ides of March 2016. ‘Disciples of Blood’, the third and final instalment in the Buan trilogy, is also in development, as well as over fifteen other books and stories that he has in that muddled head of his. Reece has been writing since he was a youngling, his first published work being an expressionist poem about birds that won first place in a school contest in 2006. Work on what would eventually become the Buan trilogy began around 2009, in a single novel about a family that killed demons entitled ‘The Tales of Cornelia: The Book of Harmon’. Since its completion and eventual rewriting into a much more profound trilogy, that one little idea became the basis for an entire saga expected to reach up to fourteen or more installments.

Not just a single threat, Reece also works as a self-managed voice actor. He is the owner and founder of the media production group ‘No Studio In Particular’, under whose banner he has produced an entire season of his irreverent comedy podcast/audiodrama, ‘Zoolaplex’. As well as this, Reece is a bassist and a connoisseur of sushi and chocolate cake. Inspired by authors such as Brent Weeks, Ben Galley and Mark Lawrence, Reece intends to charge into the world of a professional author with his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds, ready to take it by storm.

Reece was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome around 2011, though this nor his young age have stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Neither has his education, though opinion on whether that’s a good thing or not is divided; he says it is, everyone else says it isn’t. Reece believes in equality, acceptance and love in all forms; he’s an advocate for autistic spectrum disorders and other mental differences, a philosopher keen on the topics of self-advancement and acceptance of past errors, and has his own system of belief based around the concepts of cause and effect, karma and Chaos Theory. He’s a fan of symphonic metal, collects those strange 50p and £2 coins with the commemorative faces, is a member of the steampunk movement as a tinkerer/aesthete cross, and a dog person.



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  2. Are these updated editions? I didn’t ever get to read the first two so I’ll have to get these new ones, thanks for sharin!

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