Ch-ch-ch-changes…***BLOG BUSINESS***


Hello everyone! This is Tracy. For almost 2 years now, I’ve been the sole blogger here on Textual Love. Recently, I spent an entire month in the hospital. I was really sick. I didn’t even really read and I can put away a book a day easy. So, this really set me back. Not only did it set me back as far as my reading/blogging schedule, it also put me very behind in my job. You see, I edit for a living and I am also an author. And since these things take priority over reading, I’ve been knocked down to less than one book a week. <cue sad face!>

This has taught me a valuable lesson though, I can’t do this alone. So, I’ve asked for some help. So you’ll be seeing some new and different content than what I normally post, and the posting style will be slightly different. That’s ok, don’t freak out. We’re just growing to the point I can’t keep up with it all by myself. Just know that the authenticity of our reviews will still remain true to who we are. The review is OURS, and the thoughts are 100% OURS, and our criticisms will be constructed in such a way that it’s helpful and constructive and not demeaning in any way.

So everyone, thank you for helping me grow to the point of needing help.


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