Tale as Old as Time…


Guess what, guys?!  I’m back and, I’m so excited to be able to announce Devastation (The Beastly Tales part 3) is now available in Audio book!  *throws confetti*


If you haven’t had the chance to start this series yet, now is the perfect time! You don’t even have to read it yourself.  Just plug in your headphones and listen while you do the laundry or wash the dishes……or skip those things and listen in a bubble bath while you eat chocolate….the possibilities are endless really.

Now for those of you who are hesitant to try an audio book bc you’re not 5 and don’t like to be read to like you’re getting ready to be tucked into bed….fear not! This is the PERFECT series for you to dive into the world of audio books with.

The Beastly Tales is an adult retelling of Beauty and The Beast.  It’s cleverly written,  and the narrator is FABULOUS. As soon as she starts talking,  you are transported to another time and place. You can’t help but fall head first into Benella’s world.

Devastation is the conclusion (so start with Depravity if you are new to this series) and it’s everything I could’ve hoped for in an ending.  That means I have to give this one the rare 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 rating.  There’s absolutely nothing I don’t love about this series.  Give it a try,  the come back and let us know what you thought!


 Benella is concerned with two things – avoiding the two village boys who torment her and scrounging for food to help feed her family. Unfortunately the best wild fruit and vegetables are near the walls of the estate, a dark, misty place inhabited by an unforgiving beast. 
 When her tormentors lock her behind the massive gates, Benella knows her fate is sealed. Yet the fate isn’t one she expects. Her encounter with the beast starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose. 
 A classic fairy tale with a seductively dark new twist, the A Beastly Tale saga begins withDepravity
*****Intended for mature listeners due to sexual situations and moderate language. This book is one of three in the series.*****


MJ Haag is the pen name for Melissa Haag, a multi-published author of three series. As MJ Haag she writes adult paranormal/fantasy romance.



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