The angels are falling…

Hey guys, it’s Amber again! Today I have some exciting news 💃 I will be doing a little giveaway to celebrate The Watcher’s Trilogy by S.J. West over on Facebook. It starts at noon,  so don’t be lame…..come join all the fun! Down below I’ll give you my thoughts on book one! See you nerds later ✌

If you’re someone who hates love triangles, or feels all supes should follow the set standards of every paranormal book you’ve ever read……This book is not for you. This book had an interesting take on fallen angels that I hadn’t read before which was surprisingly refreshing. There is a love Triangle……or love square…..? Which in the real world is unrealistic but this is paranormal book where the impossible is supposed to be possible. It’s what makes Paranormal reads so much fun. Some people have complained about how unrealistic love at first sight is in this book, but what they neglect to tell you is that the males feel drawn to the lead female because she frees them of their cursed selves.  Isn’t it natural to fall in love with someone who makes you feel so peaceful and normal in a way you had only ever dreamed was possible? Yes, this book ends with a cliffhanger, but it also solves a big riddle before ending so I didn’t feel cheated. Obviously there are more books so why would everything tie up in one? Let’s use common sense people. If you’re looking for the bland run of the mill paranormal read, this isn’t for you. However if you don’t mind trying something new, give this book a try. People with an open mind will be pleasantly surprised. I had a hard time deciding how to rate this one, because it was a slow start…..but by the end I was hooked and HAD to know what happened next. I’m going to give it 🌮🌮🌮🍕 three tacos and a slice of pizza (bc pizza isn’t as good as tacos but it’s pretty damn close……but it’s not like I needed to explain that to you guys… was pretty obvious) I will say the rest of the series are DEFINITELY 4 taco reads tho, so check em out!

💋 Amber


Since she was eight-years-old, Lilly Rayne Nightingale felt like fate was trying to wipe away her existence through a series of odd, near fatal incidences. Luckily, her best friend Will was always one-step ahead of fate preventing her from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will was her knight in shining armor until he broke her heart after their one and only kiss.

On Lilly’s first day of college, she meets Brand Cole. Intrigued by Brand, Lilly must decide whether she can give up her adolescent fantasy of being reunited with Will and allow Brand the opportunity to conquer her heart.

Not only do Will and Brand both love Lilly, they share a dark secret neither wants Lilly to discover. Lilly thinks fate is after her once again when a new series of attempts on her life start to take place, but she soon learns someone of flesh and blood is trying to kill her this time.

Once upon a time, a little girl was born on a cold winter morning in the heart of Seoul, Korea. She was brought to America by her parents and raised in the Deep South where the words ma’am and y’all became an integrated part of her lexicon. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and continued writing on and off during her teenage years. In college she studied biology and chemistry and finally combined the two by earning a master’s degree in biochemistry. After that she moved to Yankee land where she lived for four years working in a laboratory at Cornell University. Homesickness and snow aversion forced her back South where she lives in the land which spawned Jim Henson, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham and B.B. King. After finding her Prince Charming, she gave birth to a wondrous baby girl and they all lived happily ever after.


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