Shifters and Spice is naughty and nice!


Hey guys T and I were both lucky enough to get a chance to review this Shifters and Spice Boxed Set, and boy was it steamy! I’ve included a teaser from the only book to make both of our favorites lists! Enjoy!


What We Thought!


We decided to do this review Q&A style bc the set is a MONSTER. So enjoy our chat and final thoughts!

T, What were your top 3 stories in the set? 

Blood Sport – HD Gorden The dog fighters and desperation really drew me in and I really wanted more once the story was done.

The Untamed Lord of Thessaly – Rachael Slate The story ended too soon. I really wanted more from this world of nymphs and centaurs.

Escaping the Lutha – MJ Haag I loved being in Tink’s head and the side character Kye. This story really needs to continue!


Honorable mention:

Accidentally Mated – Hazel Boyer This story was funny. The whoohoo of the moment having lasting lifelong consequences. And her way of dealing with it was so funny. I really liked it.


T, How did you feel about the size of the set?

It was really large, but thankfully it’s an anthology so I can leave it and come back to it as I’m able.


T, Are there any books in the set you WEREN’T a fan of?

There were a few in there that I was meh over. But really it’s not because the writing was bad, it is just my personal preference. There are just some things I’m straight up “no” about, and when I run across them, it will take an amazing book and bring it straight down. So I can’t fault the author, it’s just my preference.


A, What are your favourites?

Number 3

Wolf Protector by Lila Felix

This one was sweet somehow considering it dealt with some pretty heavy topics. I absolutely adored this one. I would definitely read more from this world.

Number 2

Contracted by Becca Vincenzo

This book took me by surprise! The characters aren’t people you should like, and yet for some reason you can’t help but love them. Plus I LOVED that her world has every imaginable shifter. Considering she is a VERY new author, I am just dying to see what comes next from her.

Number 1

Escaping the Lutha by MJ Haag

I won’t ruin this for you, but I gotta tell you……I didn’t see it coming! When you can suck me in and shock me like that, you’ve EARNED that #1 spot woman!

Honorable Mention

Masquerade by AJ Bennett

This one had the potential to be amazing, but I think it was pieces of an actual full length novel? Or at least that’s how it felt when I read it….? I definitely wanted to know more, but it needed work……or the rest of the story!


A, After reading this did you find yourself drawn to a particular type of shifter (other than werewolf)?

I am actually a HUGE fan of both Dragon and Bear shifter stories as well, but I think I really loved how Becca created a world where any animal could be a shifter! It was like a saucy Harry Potter and I loved every minute.


A, If you could choose one of these stories to become the next big series, which story would you pick?

Gah! You HAD to do this to me didn’t you?! I actually would LOVE to see more from almost any of these stories! There were a handful I wasn’t a fan of, but for the most part the whole set was great (which is REALLY rare with a boxed set!) So I guess that’s not much of an answer……my top 4 for sure I’d love to see more of!


How they rate!

A here- All right guys, I’m not gonna lie…..the first few stories either didn’t draw me in OR made me mad when they abruptly quit….that being said….the boxed set was pleasantly surprising! There are some M/M and M/F/M stories that DEFINITELY aren’t for everyone, so be sure to read the preface before each book! Thankfully the more I read, the more in love I fell with the set. It definitely ends with a great story! I’m gonna give this set 🌮🌮🌮🌮


T here – I’m generally not a fan of the short story, because it inevitably leaves me with a desire for more book. And this box set isn’t any different. I read MANY that I really wanted more from, and a few I was like meh over, and still some that I was content with the story as it was. There are some seriously sexy moments here, and some graphic language, so consider that when you’re reading the story or if you’re buying it for someone else. Like A said, there are some M/M and M/F/M sexy times, so if that’s definitely not in your wheelhouse, pay attention to those blurbs before the story. I don’t normally do taco ratings, but I agree with A’s assessment. 4 solid tacos. 😀


Shifters and Spice Boxed Set is now available for 99 cents! After this release week, the price goes up! So make sure you get it now for the discounted price. With 20 books and 20 authors to sample its a great buy! Find a new author to love 💋 Til next time!


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