Walk of Infamy (Rhea Jenson Series Book 6) – Sheralyn Pratt



Rhea always knew she worked for a powerful men, but she didn’t understand the full scope of their influence until she quit her job—or tried to.

The clandestine group that calls themselves The Fours doesn’t accept two-week’s notice from employees. Instead, they’re demanding Rhea perform a final task of their choosing to earn a life free from their demands.

Rhea knows whatever The Fours ask of her will be unlike any challenge she’s ever faced. She’s prepared for the worst, but what she’s about to learn is that groups like The Fours are a secret for a reason.

Because no one gets to walk away from them. Not even Rhea.

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Rhea Jenson has to survive the next 24 hours, but doing so might cost her her soul. That’s one heck of a spot to be in. In order to have the life you want with the people you want, you have to do something that’s reprehensible to you. Something that could blackens your soul. But this is the position she’s found herself in. The Fours are an international power house. Money doesn’t matter to them, nothing matters but their entertainment and that’s precisely what she has to provide along with Anton. But together they just might be able to provide entertainment and escape with their lives. This requires the help of a certain individual who’s ability to blend in and be so non-descript that you’d forget him the moment your eyes left him.

I hadn’t read any of the prior Rhea Jenson books before reading this one. I was told that I could read this as a standalone and it not hurt anything. And while I’d say that’s pretty true, I still feel that there’s some things I just don’t get from having not read them. So, I’m going to go back and read the rest of the series, because I would love to know how she got to this point. And while I think I got the whole story, I want the details now. This isn’t a romance, by the way. Yes, what she’s doing is for love, but this isn’t about that. This is about a woman trying to survive with not just her life intact but also her soul. And while this book leans on Mormonism, it’s not preachy. It’s delivered as it’s simply the faith of the main character and it helps shape her actions, but there’s no judgment on others for having different points of view.

Ok. Now, I want to talk about stuff that I can’t talk about because it’ll give stuff away. GAH! BUT I will say there’s another series that she’s started, and in this series, the main character is the master of illusion. And it’s a book that I POSITIVELY adore. Well, after reading this, and realizing a few things that tie this book to that book, I sat back dumbfounded. And now I HAVE to read that book again because it has opened my eyes about a whole lot that I didn’t realize before. I’d say that in a timeline, this one predates that one. Ok, enough with the spoilerific non-spoilers.

Ms. Pratt really drew me into her world of hidden agendas and deviousness. I loved the tie-in with the other series, and the spin it gives to the other story. And yes, though you don’t need to read the Rhea Jenson Series, I would suggest it. I think it would definitely bind you more closely with this character. So would I suggest this book? I would. It’s a fast read. And though there’s implied sex in there, it’s just that, it’s implied. So if nookie is a no-no, don’t worry. This isn’t a story about that anyway. Remember, this isn’t a romance, though love is definitely a motivator.


Sheralyn likes to keep things light and fun, but she’s also aware that life is a journey and if you’re going to go through the effort of buying and reading a book, your life should better for it. So whether one of her books is designed to help you escape for a few hours or teach you a new skill, she hopes it’s unforgettable…in a good way. 😉

Some random things to know about Sheralyn:
* She’s a wanderer (geographically)
* She can write a novel, but doesn’t have the attention span for one page in a journal
* She vehemently disagrees with Stephen King’s stance that authors should not watch TV
* She is pretty much incapable of sleeping before midnight

That about covers it. Hope you enjoy the books!


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