Alpha Undercover 

Hey guys, A here with a saucy new book by the fabulous Holly Eastman! Okay….. So obviously it’s really the amazing Heather Hildenbrand trying to hide her spicy writing from her mother 😂 As you can see that’s been a fail, but her books are anything but! Keep reading for more deeds! xoxo

Wolf shifter, Gage Wilson, isn’t the guy you call to borrow a cup of sugar. But when Hardy Gilbert asks for a favor, you don’t say no. Now, Gage is putting his ex-military skills to use, going undercover in a corrupt shifter town in Montana to expose the crime boss and his gang of thugs selling silver bullets to the highest bidder. Only problem, he’s falling hard for the boss’s daughter. 

Leopard shifter, Angie Cattaneo, is sick of this life. It’s taken everything from her and now, she’s determined to hold her father accountable for everyone he has hurt and to find a way out on her own. Gage Wilson, criminal for hire, is only a temptation. A distraction that threatens to prolong her escape. But is he a temptation she can resist? Or is she doomed to a life of crime only to avoid her own heartbreak?

Gage isn’t who she thinks. He’s the biggest, baddest wolf she’s ever seen–and he’s come to clean house. Will Angie’s heart be left intact when he’s done?

If you are a romance newbie,  this is a great author for you to start with. Her books have great storylines that suck you in and make you forget you’re reading a saucy book. That doesn’t mean her steamy bits aren’t just that however! She does a great job of knowing WHEN to use some steam to enhance the story, and she’s never “overkill” with the details or length of said sauce. Some romance is all steam no story, but this book is thankfully not in that category. 

I love how spunky her female characters are and this book definitely continues this trend. The miscommunication and secrets between  the main characters made for some clever twists and turns. If you are looking for a romance that’s got more substance this is a book you should try. 

I definitely will read more from this author. Overall I was intrigued by the story, and invested in the characters. (She also worked a very clever tie in to her other NA series)  So I’m going to give this one 🌮🌮🌮🌮

Holly Eastman is a bestselling paranormal author who loves writing hot shifter stories filled with angsty sexual tension and alpha males claiming what’s theirs. A real-life cougar, she has a weakness for “the younger man meets older hottie.” She is devoted to writing about alpha males and sassy heroines as they navigate love.

She lives in a small town in Florida with her husband and six motorcycles. When she’s not traveling or adventuring, she’s probably drinking Blue Moon beer and binging on tortilla chips. 


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