Indelible: Beneath His Ink (Teal and Trent Book 2) – Inger Iversen



Former Marine, Trent Reed, is in desperate need of a Hail Mary.
With each failed attempt to convince his woman to pack up and move to Kentucky, his past finds some new way to rear its ugly head. But when his pregnant ex plows into his life, all hell breaks loose—unearthing parts of his past he wished would stay buried.

Two weeks of vacation with her man? Hell yeah, that is exactly what Teal Lofton’s libido needs. And after surviving seven months apart, their reunion doesn’t disappoint. What she didn’t account for was an unfortunate encounter with people from Trent’s past. A racist, a druggie, and a double-barreled shotgun culminate into a vacation that will alter the course of her life forever.

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We met Teal and Trent all the way back in Incarcerated. She was Katie’s best friend, and he was Logan’s. Neither one of them had the time nor inclination to coddle someone else. But as we found out in Inevitable, still waters ran deep, and there was an explosion when these two came into contact with one another. And this book picks up a few months after that one left off. Trent was back in Kentucky and Teal still in Vermont. But he managed to get her a flight to him, and though she had her reservations, she went to him.

A lot happens in this book. All I can say is, in reading this book, I really appreciate just how LUCKY Katie was in Incarcerated. But I digress and need to move on to this book. I liked Teal from book 1. She was sassy and truly didn’t take crap from anyone. Trent, though I felt for him, took a little more time to warm up to. I really appreciated getting his story in this one. It really made him such a deep and truly sympathetic character.

Michael Pauley, the narrator, really does a fantastic job of bringing the emotion into this story. His inflections and involvement in the story really show themselves well. I WOULD have had an issue with his idea of a Kentucky accent (being from Kentucky and all…), but I had heard him in an interview admit that it wasn’t a genuine Kentucky accent at all, but his interpretation of how TRENT sounded. And this being said I cannot fault him there. I’m a Kentucky girl. I have spent almost my whole life here, BUT I’ve lived in enough places that it’s altered my accent and I don’t sound like I’m from here either.

Inger Iversen’s story of love in spite of adversity, looking past the facade, and the connection of two people is a beautiful tale. And yes, there are many situations in this story that will make you squirm with unease, don’t let that stop you. I’ve always been told that it’s THOSE situations you should expose yourself to because those are the ones that grow you as a person. So the great question of the day is would I recommend this story to people? I would. I think that Trent and Teal’s story should be spread and enjoyed and appreciated.


Inger Iversen is an American author residing in Virginia. She lives for bringing her fictional characters from darkness to light through self-discovery and passion. From her emotionally gripping, new adult Few Are Angels series that builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming, to her international bestselling interracial romance dubbed “one of the most emotionally gripping” books of the summer, Inger breathes life into her fiction through her enthusiasm and devotion to writing. Her influences range from life experiences and daydreams, Inger spends her time in the writing cave and fantasizing of the day she can figure out how to Weird Science her characters to life.

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