Surviving Doctor Vincent (The Good Doctor Trilogy) – Renea Mason



The sequel to Curing Doctor Vincent.

Elaine Watkins knew there would be challenges loving the great Dr. Xavier Vincent–medical icon, enigmatic genius, and broken man–but when she finds herself the focus of the Society, a group of sociopaths who manipulate people for pleasure and sport, finding someone she can trust becomes her biggest test.

After being forced into hiding with Sebastian, Xavier’s long-time friend, and reunited with Marco, Dr. Vincent’s protégé, Elaine struggles with the complex relationship that develops between her and the three men.

When the Society causes Elaine to question everything she’s ever known, her love for Dr. Vincent may be the only thing to save her.

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This is the second book in the series, and it continues pretty much where Tasting Paris left off. Only this time, there’s a lot more involved than just Elaine’s attraction to Xavier. Unraveling before them is this secret world that they weren’t even aware that they were hip deep in. Again…HOT stuff. And again…Amazing writing and acting. (I REALLY wish I could talk more about this, GAH! But I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, dear reader.)


Ms. Mason writes a very compelling love story. It’s extremely unique and interesting, to say the least. I will tell you also, flat out, under no certain terms, if you can’t stand the heat, do NOT go into Ms. Mason’ kitchen because…yeah, let’s just say, she brings it and holds NOTHING back…and by nothing – I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G. So consider that your fair warning. Now if you like your love stories set on fire (at the level of being immersed in the sun) then PLEASE get this book. Now, I know, I know…I’ve not READ the book, I don’t know how immersive the book is. I CAN tell you that if you are able, GET the audiobook. I…yeah…just get the audiobook, believe me, you nor your significant other will complain…just sayin’.


Erin deWard – This is the first time I’ve ever listened to her. Oh holy cow. She doesn’t read this book, she breathes life into the character and I swear as I think of Elaine, it’s Ms. deWard’s voice I hear. She did an amazing job at telling the tell. I also really liked the skill which she and Mr. Levine played out the scenes in this dual interactive narration.

Noah Michael Levine – this man has an amazing skill at accents and changing his voice to become different characters is really and truly awesome. I’m not very experienced in the audiobook world but so far, I’ve yet to run across another narrator with such talent.

The two of them together – yeah, listening to this book made me blush really bad and anyone that knows me finds it hard to believe. BUT listening to them during the intimate moments of the story made me feel like I was peeking into someone’s room and giving a listen. It was REALLY impressive…we’ll just say.

So, if you couldn’t guess it, I’d say get this book…in audio…but be PREPARED for some seriously scorching stuff. Definitely for the 18 and over crowd.


Multi-award-winning and bestselling author Renea Mason writes erotic romances which challenge the definition of conventional love. Whether it be contemporary or paranormal, the author of the 2016 Audie Award-Winning Curing Doctor Vincent, prides herself on bringing readers unique storylines, memorable characters, and top-notch audiobook performances in her tales of love, lust, and mystery.

When she isn’t crafting sensual stories which stimulate the mind and body alike, or providing the latest management and process guidance, she spends time in the Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her beyond-supportive husband, two wonderful sons and two loving but needy cats.

She loves connecting with readers. You can find her on all major social media platforms.

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