I’m just a woman who discovered the love of text around the age of 5. It hasn’t stopped since. I read voraciously. I’m one of those annoying people that will constantly read road signs, business signs aloud when in a car. I figured that since I loved to read so much, why not start a blog reviewing the books that I read. Here you’ll get the good, bad, ugly as well as mundane. All the opinions expressed will be my own.

I am partial to reading fantasy, romance, mostly hybrid genres. I don’t mind having some thrillers or suspense thrown in. And if the book is written well enough, it doesn’t really matter the type. I will read anything from youth on up to erotica and even gore. Again, it’s a matter of how well it’s written, everything has it’s place and time.

You can contact me via my email, textuallove(at)gmail(dot)com




Shoot it to me straight, Jack!

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