1.) I’m a book blogger so I will get advanced reader copies (ARCs) of books. I have always tried in the past to make it clear when I do have an ARC and when I have a purchased copy of the book. If there is no disclaimer, just know that the book was purchased by me, and the author in no way, shape, or form requested that I do a review. All of my reviews are my personal thoughts.

2.) I’m also an editor, and I will write reviews of those books here. I will ALWAYS preface those with a BIAS clause. The thoughts are still 100% my own, but I will admit that there could be bias there, as it’s simply nature of the job.

3.) I do not now, nor ever have, nor ever will advocate piracy of a book. I have noticed a disturbing trend of people searching my blog for free to read online books. I rarely will even post that a book is available free for purchase. Simply because it might not be when the reader reads the blog entry. I don’t even know how to access a pirated book and I don’t want to know. Most of what I read and review are independent or small label published authors, and I advocate the person purchasing their book if my review makes them feel so inclined to read it.